Coach of the Week: JoJo Curwen

This weeks coach of the week (and first coach to be interviewed this season) is Joseph ‘JoJo’ Curwen of the Innsmouth Shadows.  He hasn’t had much luck recently in the HDWSBBL mainly due to his team of miscreants who don’t always keep their mind in the game and the huge elvish conspiracy’s he says are supposingly going on behind his back. The confused fans of the team have sent in letter after letter to us at the WarZone begging us to interview him first. So without further ado here’s reporter Bob Fortune with JoJo.

Hi JoJo and welcome to the coach of the week interview. To start off with I need to ask, what is with the elves?

Sodding pointy eared bastards! They’re everywhere and they secretly run the world with their sprawling Elvish conspiracy funded by stolen Gnomish gold.

I see……..anyway, how did you first come to coach the Innsmouth Shadows?

Well to cut a really long story short, cheating death is very expensive. So I misguidedly thought that raising a blood bowl team would be a good little earner. So I built up the Shadows in some cases with my bare hands, all by myself.

All by yourself? That’s quite an achievement. So you must of been a blood bowl player at some point in your life to know what you were looking for?

Who me? Don’t be daft. Do I really look suicidal?

Sorry I asked. Well in that case as a coach how would you rate your team so far? Is their anyone standing out from the bunch?

Smith and the ghouls are giving me one hundred percent every game. Ezra on the other hand……If he doesn’t buck up soon, he’s going to find himself back on the dogfighting circuit.

That doesn’t sound too good for him, he better get training to keep his job. Next question is in regards to the league draw. What were your thoughts when you got drafted into North again?

I shall tell you what I thought during it:

Oh look there’s the Slammers, well that’s not so ba…F F F F F F**KING ELVES!!!!

I think some people now may at last start taking my warning about the Elvish conspiracy a little more seriously in the aftermath of the Corsairs rigging the draw.

That’s a strong accusation to make about them, I don’t think they really did rig the draw. But on the other hand they are Dark Elves so anything could happen. Anyway moving swiftly on, have you got any plans to hire new players being not a full squad at present?

Ha! Barring a death or re-inhumation in the team all that gold is going into the family coffers once retirement comes around.

Ah, planning ahead, wise move. And finally we have to ask this to all the coaches. Who do you think, apart from yourself, will win the open scramble this season?

I’d never bet against the Beaumont Blitzers, but obviously the elves will rig it in their favour so what’s the dam point?!

We shall see. Thank you JoJo and good luck to the rest of the season.

A very interesting coach of the week interview. Please leave your comments about any of JoJo’s comments, especially about the “apparent” Elvish conspiracy he goes into great detail about. Next week will feature the Teotigua Predators. What will their comments be about the HDWSBBL and if they are finding their feet well in south division. Also if there are any comments you are dying to ask the Predators about leave a comment or e-mail the admin before next Thursday.

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  1. For goodness sake JoJo, you can’t keep blaming us for your terrible coaching skills and the fact your players are average. Perhaps you should concentrate on getting your players focused on the game rather than worry if they are playing Elves next week.
    Anyway we are again sorry about you defeat against the Manhunters last season. It just occurred to me we didn’t actually congratulate you for getting so far. We watch the game and I must say it was terrific! and such a shame we….urr I mean the crowd threw the ball to the Manhunters who went on to score the winning touchdown. Anyway I ramble, good luck with the season and don’t let us get you down, unless its against us, then it’s all the way down.
    Good Luck!

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