Announcing: The Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

The start of this Seasons competition for the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup is upon us. For the third time in a row the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup has a new sponsor. This season the Pepslay Corporation, with their slogan “Your Thirst Shall Be Quenched”, has lent their name to the ever changing competition to create the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

In addition to a new name, this season’s competition also sees the debut of a brand new format here in the HDWSBBL as it will be done round robin style!

For the first round, all 18 teams in the league (Yes, that includes the Loren Rangers for the first time) will be randomly drawn against a team from another division. Depending on the result of each game, the teams will be assigned points as follows:

  • Win: 30 points
  • Draw: 10 points
  • Loss: 0 points

The standings will be ordered by Points, Touchdown Difference, Casualty Difference, Touchdowns for and finally Casualties for. In the unlikely event that teams are still tied then they will be sorted on Touchdowns against and Casualties against.

After the first set of matches, teams will then face off against the team next to them in the resulting league table (for example 1st place plays 2nd, 3rd plays 4th and so on). The theory is that teams will be facing teams similar to their own ability.

If at any point, a team is scheduled to play a team they have already faced then they will swap places with the team below them in the standings, ensuring that no team will face each other more than once in the competition.

After four rounds of games, the team in 1st place will be declared the winner and be awarded the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup for this season. The team in second will be the runner up and so on.

The team who ultimately finishes last will have the “honour” of next seasons HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them.

The winning team will receive 80,000gp on top of their normal winnings for the match and the runner up will receive 40,000gp. These bonuses are exempt from modifications such as spiralling expenses.

The 1st round will take place on the 15th October. Please ensure you can be present on that date. Lets make it the first time in HDWSBBL History that all of the coaches in the league play at the same time in the same place!

The Draw will take place on the 8th October. As always, full coverage will be provided on this site and live on Sly Sports.

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