Gerhards Soapbox: Feedback response

Editors Note: Gerhard is once again back this week just in time for tonight’s games. This time he on the subject of feedback and he responds to his critics.

One of the yard sticks I use to measure the success of my soapbox here is the amount of death threats I receive. Going off the comments from my last soapbox, it appears as though I am an amazing success!

While I don’t intend to turn this soapbox into a cheap “Ask Borak” substitute and answer all the fans insightful questions, it would be wrong of me to ignore the comments entirely.

My favourite of the week was from the “suspected Skaven”. Their incompetence amazes me for a number of reasons. Firstly they managed to miss the comments field at the bottom of all my articles, instead posting their comments over in the guestbook. Secondly, they managed to screw that simple task up. I know that cognitive thinking from a rat man is a lot to ask for but you would think that they would get one of their slaves to proof-read their comments. Unfortunately a good-willed HDWSBBL editor corrected their mistake so we cannot continue to laugh at that mistake (although I will try).

The Tail Slammers also called me out in their post match comment this week. I have been warned that I will “eek my words”. What in the name of Sigmar does that mean?

While on the subject of poor spelling, I had a laugh at the comment the Predators made after getting beaten by the Loren Rangers *spit*. I don’t know what they meant by saying they would “roob the burger van on the way out” but I sure hope they don’t do that anywhere near me. It may be fine to do things like that in the new world but over here in the Empire we have a different level of class (unless you are willing to pay the right amount).

That brings me nicely to my next topic, the Loren Rangers *Spit*. I just don’t get what the big deal is about these guys. They manage to survive 30 games and they get a full page article about them! It’s nothing to be celebrated, in fact all it means is 30 teams failed in their job of killing every single one of them (and yes, sadly that does include RSV).

Due to the praise I inadvertently gave to them in my last soapbox, Jordan now feels that I believe they are the better team. Taking an example from the article about them, I feel I can sum this up in a special Did You Know.

HDWSBBL – Did You Know

The Rangers Suck

Gerhard has more talent in the growth on his hairy nut sack then the Loren Rangers *spit* have in their entire Roster. They have no skill and talent, they are just plain lucky.

Yes 12 touchdowns in two games is normally impressive but considering that the two teams they have played so far have been a group of midget Dinosaurs and a team who cannot find a bar of soap never mind the ball, they should have scored more (I know RSV would have when I was their coach!). Hopefully this week they will get a kicking from the Flash Grinders although from what I have seen they don’t like to bash too much.

I had fun reading the interview with good old JoJo the other day. Its nice to see that I am not the only one around here who hates the Elves. It almost makes me feel normal (although a deranged Necromancer may not be the best person to compare yourself to when determining if you are normal).

Well that is all for me today. I will be back in the future assuming the website is not taken down again.


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