A look at the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

As the start of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 draws ever nearer, the teams are undergoing their preparations, hoping to walk away as this seasons HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Winners. With last seasons winners the Lustrian Snake Queen absent, we are guaranteed a new champion. Below is a brief run down on the matches we are expecting to see in the 1st round of the competition.

Teotigua Predators (South) vs The Tutsbone Jackles (East)

The Predators have had an interesting season so far. Their debut in the HDWSBBL didn’t go to plan when they encountered the Loren Rangers and suffered a 6-0 loss! Since then they have clashed with the Flash Grinders and the Bile Blitzers and managed to pick up their first victory in the HDWSBBL.
The Jackles have not had much luck. Their predecessors were turned back into sand by their Warrior God Anubis and then they were thrown into East Division with three of the toughest teams that the league has ever seen.
With the Jackles looking to distance themselves from the legacy of Tutsbone Re-United, we can be sure that they will be fully animated for this match…

Drackwald Deadheads (North) vs Orcland Cleavers (South)

The Deadheads made a surprise return this season after a year away from the league. Initially one of the favourites to win North Division, they have been unable to get the wins that would take them to the top. They are hoping that they will fair much better in the open nature of the Pepslay Challenge.
Little is known about the Orcland Cleavers. They made their debut against the Flesh Grinders on the opening night of the Season but have not been seen since. We hope they have been thinking of a good plan otherwise the necromantic might will run all over them.

The Man Eaters (West) vs The Loren Rangers (South)

The Loren Rangers have a mission this season. For two seasons they have sat on the sidelines and watched the other teams compete for the Challenge Cup but now is their time to enter the fray. This will be the first Challenge Cup Competition that they have entered and they are looking to make an impact. Having scored 18 Touchdowns in their last three games, it is fair to say that the Rangers are on fine form.
Their opponents The Man Eaters are no stranger to success. Last season they managed to advance to the Semi-Finals of both the Hunts Havoc and the Championship III. Many teams have expected an easy game against these brutes but were soon jarred back to reality as soon as the Ogres began to hit home.

The Bile Blitzers (South) vs Mc Cauligh Reavers (East)

On paper, this match is one sided. The Reavers narrowly missed out on winning a Championship last season and are hell bent on making up for it now. The Bile Blitzers on the other hand have failed to make a massive impact on the league so far (although their opponents are still scrubbing their stadiums clean after the last matches).
However, with the recent purchase of a Great Beast of Nurgle, and the recent injuries sustained to the Reavers, The Bile ones could manage to pull off one of the biggest upsets in the leagues history!

Karond Kar Corsairs (North) vs Ragnars Swift Velocity (West)

The Corsairs are a team to look out for. In their successful debut season last year, they managed to win both the HDWSBBL League and Championship Cups. This season they hope to win the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup and become the first team in the leagues history to win all three of the Major Championships. However, their opponents are not to be taken lightly.
Last Season RSV managed to make it through to the Finals of the Challenge Cup Competition where they unfortunately lost against the Lustrian Snake Queens. While once a powerhouse in the league, Velocity have suffered as of late and are now only two Touchdowns away from taking over the Manhunters record for the team who has conceded the most Touchdowns in the leagues history! Surly they will go down fighting?

Ruskin Arms Bar Flys (West) vs Grappler Flesh Grinders (South)

When the Bar Flys made their debut in West Division, many wrote them off. However they managed to upset the Man Eaters and are currently in second place. With several fast rising stars on the team, the Bar Flys could be stars of the future.
The Flesh Grinders have got some abuse from the other Orc Teams in the league because they don’t play like Orcs. Were their green skinned cousins like to grind and pound, the Flesh Grinders play more like an Elf team with elaborate plays and passes.
All bets are off on this one as two of the best from the new crop go head to head.

Atrocity Exhibition (East) vs Valhallen Vixen’s (West)

Atrocity have lived up to their name so far this season. They have maimed countless players in the league and managed to raise two new players from the ranks of the fallen. So far, no team has shown any signs of making a dent into this steamroller of a team.
The Valhallen Vixen’s have also had a successful season so far. They began the season by causing a massive upset by defeating the returning Ragnars Swift Velocity. Since then they have been on fine form and are currently at the top of West Division. It will be interesting to see if the ladies from Norcia can withstand the Undead punishment or if they will become just another victim.

We Tree Fellows (North) vs Beaumont Blitzers (East)

Although WTF and the Blitzers have never met on a HDWSBBL field, both teams have a large history together. Having shared the same stadium for over a year now, both teams are more than familiar with each other. For too long the Blitzers have been rubbing in their victory in the Ankle Biter Competition last season and WTF have had enough. Will the Blitzers plough through the Elves or will their opponents take advantage of the poor form and pull off an upset?

The Innsmouth Shadows (North) vs Tail Slammers (North)

Although the rules for the Pepslay Challenge prohibited teams from the same Division meeting in the first round, Nuffle had other ideas and stacked the draw so that there was no other alternative!
Having already clashed once this season, both teams will know what to expect from each other. We are sure the Shadows will be pleased to be facing a non-elf team although in many ways the Skaven are just as bad. The Slammers have made many bookies broke this season by performing better then anybody expected. Will this unprecedented form catapult them to the top of the Pepslay Challenge, or will the Shadows finally get the win they are looking for?

As always, the website will provide full coverage of the matches once they take place.

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