Gerhards Soapbox: Pepslay Predictions

Gerhard is back once again to give his predictions for the Pepslay Challenge competition that is due to begin in a few days.

Well the first round of the Pepslay Challenge is upon us. This ever changing competition will see all 18 teams compete against each other. At the end of it all we will see how the teams compare against each other, and finally highlight the winners and the losers for all to see.

I should really start with my predictions for the upcoming matches this week. Once I have done that I will provide my predictions for the eventual winners.

Teotigua Predators vs The Tutsbone Jackles
Jackles – the mini Dinos will take a beating

Drackwald Deadheads vs Orcland Cleavers
Deadheads – The Cleavers are untested in the league so far

The Man Eaters vs The Loren Rangers
Man Eaters – Personally I am hoping that the Snotlings kill a few of the Rangers

The Bile Blitzers vs Mc Cauligh Reavers
Reavers – Although they are under strength, they are still on of the best teams in the league

Karond Kar Corsairs vs Ragnars Swift Velocity
Corsairs! – As much as I love my Velocity boys, the lads from the dark lands are unstoppable

Ruskin Arms Bar Flys vs Grappler Flesh Grinders
Flash Grinders – The Bar Flys have impressed me so far but I think the Grinders will pull out the win.

Atrocity Exhibition vs Valhallen Vixen’s
Atrocity – The Vixen’s are a fine team although I don’t think much is going to stop the Exhibition.

We Tree Fellows vs Beaumont Blitzers
WTF – I think the Blitzers will get cocky on this one and take it too easy.

The Innsmouth Shadows vs Tail Slammers
Slammers – I never thought I would be picking the Rats to win….

With that out the way, I have been thinking about the overall winners. After getting my little assistants to crunch stats all week, it has occurred to me that this will be an exciting competition. Depending on how the games go, any team in the top 3 or four after the 3rd round may end up as the eventual winner due to the way the points are awarded.

We have some very strong teams out there in the league at the moment and it has been hard to predict the final winner, especially as the better teams will all face each other in the closing rounds. With that said, my little stat monkeys have provided the following which I am happy to endorse:

  • Winner: Karond Kar Corsairs
  • Runner Up: Mc Cauligh Reavers
  • 3rd Place: Atrocity Exhibition

Of course, the team at the bottom of the table will have the shield named after them next season. To be fair, even the teams who are normally labelled losers have been doing quite well so far. However, there has to be a team at the bottom. Therefore I pick:

  • 18th Place: Teotigua Predators

Why? Because they don’t like me. Also it would have been too easy to go for WTF or the Shadows so I decided on someone different. For a while I considered The Tutsbone Jackles or the Orcland Cleavers but I haven’t seen enough of them to write them off totally.

Despite my pick, I don’t think there will be a clear case of 18th place. I see another fiasco coming were the losing team will try and worm out of having the shield named after them due to some technicality.

Lets see how right I am this time.

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