Second Round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 finalised

Last night saw the final match from the first round take place. The Grappler Flesh Grinders took on the Ruskin Arms Bar Flys in a thrilling match, one that dramatically altered the standings of the Pepslay Challenge.

As a result of the final match taking place, the fixtures for the second round can now be finalised. One pair of teams found themselves repeating their match from the first round. As per the stipulations announced with the competition, a team have been swapped with the team from the next bracket to prevent teams clashing multiple times.

Without further ado, here are the fixtures for the second round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10. As with the previous round, the team on the left will play at home.

  • The Loren Rangers (South) vs Grappler Flesh Grinders (South)
  • Karond Kar Corsairs (North) vs Atrocity Exhibition (East)
  • Beaumont Blitzers (East) vs Teotigua Predators (South)
  • Drackwald Deadheads (North) vs Mc Cauligh Reavers (East)
  • The Innsmouth Shadows (North) vs The Bile Blitzers (South)
  • Tail Slammers (North) vs The Tutsbone Jackles (East)
  • Orcland Cleavers (South) vs We Tree Fellows (North)
  • Valhallen Vixen’s (West) vs Ragnars Swift Velocity (West)
  • Ruskin Arms Bar Flys (West) vs The Man Eaters (West)

These matches will take place on the 10th of December. For the first round, we managed to get 14 teams playing at the same time and place. Lets try and get all 18 teams together for this one.


  1. Unfortunatly WTF are already booked that evening, as they will be in Lapland helping Santa out with the Xmas rush.

    More Orcs !!!!

    1. Typical:-D

      Anybody else have the same issue? I would rather leave the 3rd free for league catch ups and having the round on the 17th may be cutting it too close to christmas for some?


      1. Seriously the WTF are flying out to Lapland on the 10th to go help Santa. You argue with the wife if you want, it will get you no where.

  2. Hey, 10th suits me. That will probably be the last time i can make it till new year. Sainsbury’s dont let u have a life over xmas.

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