Rule book Amendment – Conceding Clarification

Unlike the last rule amendment, this one has been written to provide clarification in the event that a team cannot, or will not continue to play in a match. These rules are used once a match has begun. If the match has not taken place then the rules for forfeit in the HDWSBBL rulebook (and the previous amendment) are applied.

As per page 29 of the Living Rule Book 5 (LRB5), there are two ways of conceding a match. If a team cannot continue to play due to lack of players then the rules on page 15 (under restarting the match) take effect.

If a player decides to concede the match for any other reason then they automatically lose the match. The team that does not concede the match is declared the winner. The winner gains enough bonus Touchdowns to win the match by one Touchdown (note that if the winner is already winning the match then the score line is frozen.). These bonus Touchdowns count towards the teams total but no Star Player Points are earned for these extra Touchdowns.

In both cases the winner gains both MVPs and both teams winnings. If a team conceded the match when they could have carried on playing then, in addition to the loss of winnings and MVPs, the loser automatically loses 1 point of Fan Factor and any player with more then 51 Star Player Points permanently leaves the team on a D6 roll of 1-3.

Note that the winnings for the winning team get the normal +1 and Fame modifiers and any Spiralling Expenses modification is applied after the combined winnings has been determined (as per the normal steps of the post-match sequence on page 29).

It is important to note that a team must declare they are conceding before they set up for a kick-off. Once a team has set up then they must play the reminder of the Drive.

We hope this clears up the rules as there has been some debate over the last few weeks! If there are any questions with the above then please use the comments form below to ask them.

Andrew and Alex

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