First of the Divisional champions confirmed

As alluded to in this weeks summary, we can officially confirm that two of the divisions have now crowned their champions for the Open Scramble 2509/10 before they have finished all their games! Details are below

South Division – The Loren Rangers

The Loren Rangers were declared the winners this week after the Grappler Flesh Grinders lost their match against the Orcland Cleavers. As a result of this match there is no way for any of the remaining teams to catch up with the Rangers, even if the Rangers lose all their remaining matches.

So far in the Open Scramble 2509/10, the Rangers have been undefeated and have scored a record breaking 30 Touchdowns in 6 games (and only conceding 7). This is the third Divisional championship that the Rangers have won (they won the North Championship in the Open Scramble 2507/08, and topped Central Division in the Open Scramble 2506/07) and lines them up to be the first team to win the HDWSBBL League Cup twice (having won the Cup in the 2506/07 Season).

East Division – Atrocity Exhibition

Atrocity Exhibition were declared the winners after they defeated the Beaumont Blitzers two weeks ago. The Remaining teams in the division are unable to catch up regardless of the outcome of any future matches.

Like the Rangers, Atrocity are so far undefeated this season and are one of the highest causality causers this season. By winning a Divisional Championship in their debut season they join other teams such as the Karak Smashers, Lustrian Snake Queens and the Karond Kar Corsairs who all went on to win a HDWSBBL Championship.

The Others

Both North and West Division are yet to crown their Champions. North Division is still open with the Drackwald Deadheads, the Karond Kar Corsairs and (shockingly) The Wee Tree Fellows still in the running. The next few games will determine the final outcome.

West Division is a much closer race between the Valhallen Vixen’s and Ragnars Swift Velocity. These two teams clash tonight and if the Vixen’s win then they will be crowned the Champions. If RSV win then they are in the running to top West (and If they win by at least three Touchdowns tonight they will take the Championship there and then).

Shortly, we will be announcing the line ups for the Championship IV and the Slammer Shield. The participants will be determined by the final league standings so there is some way to go to confirm them although several teams have already qualified for one of the Cups. More on that will follow in further news items.

Congratulations to The Loren Rangers and Atrocity Exhibition.


    1. There is more chance of the Tail Slammers learning to spell:-D

      It appears the stats people who put this together missed a fact. Even if RSV win tonight that is now guarantee that they will win West Division. They still have to avoid losing to the Bar Flays in a week or so.

      This never would have happened if I was still the coach.

      ps. Congratulations to Atrocity

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