Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 2nd round preview

Editors note: Continuing on from his summary this week, we have asked our very own Gerhard to take a look at the upcoming matches this week in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

Well, I finally made the front page of the news section of the site! Just to think, it only took the incompetence of the staff here to make it happen!

So, in two days we will see the second round of the Pepslay Challenge. The fixtures have been known for some time now and the teams have been preparing (well some have, others will miss their games, more on them as I come across them). What follows now is a run down on the matches that are due to take place. As management asked so nicely (and gave me a nice bonus) then I will try and be as impartial as possible!

Karond Kar Corsairs vs Atrocity Exhibition
The first one on our list pits the West Division Champions take on what most assume to be the eventual winners of North Division. Now, in reality, this game has already taken place but for some reason the HDWSBBL management have suppressed the results until the planned match day! It would not be fair of me to spoil it for all of you

Tail Slammers vs The Tutsbone Jackles
Both the Slammers and the Jackles lost their first game in the Pepslay and so are looking to get some valuable points. Last season the Tail Slammers where deemed the worst team in the league and had the HDWSBBL Shield Competition named after them this season. This is something they want to avoid this season and are hoping to take advantage of the Jackles poor run of form. Hopefully the Kehmri from the east will get their act together and trounce the furry turds.
Prediction: Jackles

The Loren Rangers vs Grappler Flesh Grinders
Having faced each other twice already this season, these teams will know what to expect from each other. I am hoping for a good solid bloodbath where the Rangers are taken apart bit by bit. If we can have a replay of their last match in the Pepslay against the Man Eaters then all the better. As much as I want the Flesh Grinders to win, I don’t think they will be able to stop the Rangers.
Prediction: (Sadly) the Rangers

Beaumont Blitzers vs Teotigua Predators
Orcs vs the Dinos. This may well be one of the matches of the week. The Blitzers are well known for the potential and many are waiting for them to up their game and claim a major championship this season. In their path are latest team to qualify for the Championship IV. While I am no fan of the midget dinos, I think the Blitzers should not underestimate them. I am seeing this as a close game with lots of little skinks being squashed
Prediction: Predators

Drackwald Deadheads vs Mc Cauligh Reavers
Originally, the Deadheads where lined up to play against the Innsmouth Shadows. However due to the fact that that this would have meant that the Reavers would have faced the Blitzers, the opponents where switched. Instead, the Deadheads will take on the Reavers in a game between two of the leagues greatest teams. Normally, I would place a bet on the Reavers but the fire has not been in them for some time. As a result I think the Deadheads will pull out the win and cement themselves as one of the best teams the league has ever seen.
Prediction: Deadheads

The Innsmouth Shadows vs The Bile Blitzers
These two teams have it all to play for. Both have had a bit of poor form lately with both of them sitting in 5th place in their Division. I think that the Shadows will continue their trend of winning in non-league games and overcome the Rotten ones… just. At least they have nothing to fear as dead people cannot catch the Rot (to my knowledge anyway). Both better get a good grasp of their opponent because it could well be that they will playing against each other soon in order to qualify for the Slammer Shield!
Prediction: Shadows

Valhallen Vixen’s vs Ragnars Swift Velocity
These two teams have already faced off twice this season. Once upon a time I would have picked RSV to take the win but they have lost both games against the Vixen’s so far. I do have some advice for Velocity though… “Watch the ball and not their arses”. Sadly, I don’t think it will be enough and the East Division Champions will win again.
Prediction: Vixen’s

Orcland Cleavers vs We Tree Fellows
The Shadows vs Blitzers match is between the two 5th placed teams, and this one will see twop fourth placed teams battle each other. WTF are well known for their throwing manoeuvres. I hope that the Cleavers stick to the trusted Orc play of ground and pound otherwise WTF could run rings around them. I have been informed that there is a good chance that this match may be postponed. Apparently WTF are helping out some fat man in a suit deliver presents. Its nice to see WTF exploring other career alternatives as they come to terms with the lack of any blood bowl skills!
prediction: Cleavers

Ruskin Arms Bar Flys vs The Man Eaters
Finally, we have the two teams at the bottom. From what I gather, this match may not take place due to the Bar Flays leaving the league. If that is is the case then I assume the Man Eaters will get an automatic victory which is great for them as the last time these two teams met the Bar Flys danced all over them.
Prediction: Man Eaters

Well, only time will tell if I am correct with the above. During the opening round of the Pepslay, the teams managed to set a new record for the most violent week on record. I imagine the Finger of Death is warming up in the wings in anticipation of all the broken bodies coming his way.


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  1. Hi All,

    Matches for tomorrow are above. I know that Alex and Don will not be there so their matches will be moved to some point in the future. I think everybody else will be down.

    I may be down a little late so if I am not there, get cracking and I can always hand out the match report sheets when I arrive. Iw ill not have access to a printer before I come so make sure you have a copy of your rosters 😀

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