Season 4 – Week 15 – Tables have turned

Before we begin, we need to thank Gerhard for filling in when the normal team where unable to produce the reports.

This week saw the official date of the second round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10. Due to the impending holiday season where the entire Empire stops for a few days to celebrate Mondstill, not all the teams could make it (or used it as a fine excuse).

We have match records for four games although we do know that a fifth took place and our reporters are attempting to get us the results as soon as possible.

The first match we are covering today is the much anticipated clash between Atrocity and the Corsairs. Both teams are having a great season and are favourites to win some HDWSBBL championships this season.

The match began as any other in the league with both teams taking some time to measure up their opponents. The Corsairs where the first to make a move and quickly secured the ball and hurried down the pitch. After dodging around some of the Atrocity players in the backfield, Seravina Spite scored the opening Touchdown.

From there, the Atrocity fans cried in horror as every move the Corsairs attempted came off with elvish perfection. Nothing Atrocity attempted could get the ball off them. Just before half time a long pass down the field found its way into the hands of Valdrek Bloodgate who leaped over the line to score his 9th Touchdown of the season!

For the second half, Atrocity refused to come out of the locker room, citing that their traditional half time sacrifice was refusing to die properly. Eventually, match officials halted the match there and awarded the match to the Corsiars who move to the top of the Pepslay while Atrocity dwelled on their first loss here in the HDWSBBL.

The second match was between the Inssmouth Shadows and the Bile Blitzers. Both teams had exceeded expectations during the first round and where eager to avoid being in the bottom of the table.

Fortunately for the Shadows, they continued their odd streak of only winning in non league matches and quickly overpowered the Bile ones with some impressive tactics. With his new found form, Erza Wheedon managed to score an elusive Touchdown and cause his 5th causality of the season making him one of the deadliest players in the league.

The Bile Blitzers where not totally out performed though, the Rotter Doomvenon appeared to have enhanced arms during the match and made three accurate completions moving him up above the list of best throwers including the likes of Errison Youngwhite and Hamish the Hammer. The Bile Blitzers resident Beast of Nurgle Gigantor also picked up the MVP after the officials decided that its shambling, puke inducing appearance was the most attractive thing on the team. The match ended 3-1 to the Shadows

The third match was between the Predators and the Beaumont Blitzers. Before the match the Predators where dreading facing another Orc team but they held their scaly heads up high as they left the locker room to enter the rain soaked pitch.

Despite the elements conspiring against both teams they gave it their all. On the whole, the agile Skinks managed to avoid getting turned into paste by the Orcs and left the fighting to the Sarus instead. In the end it was the little skink Mikala who managed to make a name for himself by scoring two touchdowns in the match, one of which was from the grasp of a Black Orc who had spent the majority of the half attempting to pick the ball up in the rain!

After the match, the Predators didn’t need their enhanced senses to detect the foul mood in the Beaumont bowel and made a quick exit. On the way out they managed to throw their wondering apothecary into the crowd of Orcs to make their escape. It is not known what happened to the Apothecary but considering he managed to revive a Sarus earlier in the match in front of the home fans, it will be safe to remove him from your contacts list.

The final match that occurred was the third encounter between the West Division Champions the Valhallen Vixen’s and Ragnars Swift Velocity. In their previous two encounters this season the Vixen’s had managed to defeat RSV by a mixture of guile, cunning and baring a lot of flesh. RSV came prepared this time and began the match by taking a one nil lead early on thanks to a Touchdown by Ulrichson. The Vixen’s where not put off though and focused on taking out the RSV catchers. With RSV down a few men their local hero Victor easily ran the ball home to equalise.

With both catchers and a number of blitzers off the field, RSV where forced to improvise. This put the Vixen’s on the back foot as Velocity forced their way down the pitch in a massive cage. When only yards from the end zone the ball was popped out and thrown to blitzer Dirk Hammet who quickly scored. As time ran out on the clock, the Vixen’s attempted to equalise but in a clear case of irony, their thrower was unable to pick up the ball! This allowed Hammet to once again scoop up the ball and run it home as the final whistle blew ending the match 3-1!

The normally placid head coach, Stanrick Snider, was caught up in the excitement and issued a steement that Gerhard would be proud of which was selected as the best of the week:

YES!!! Finally a win against the Vixen’s.
Up the table we go. Who is looking at whose arses now bitch?

The remaining games in the Pepslay Challenge should be completed as soon as possible. At present the plan is to have the third round of the Pepslay on the 14th of January which only gives two more weeks to play the games. Once that is done we need to begin opening rounds of the Slammer Shield and the Championship IV.

Once the remaining games have been played, the fixtures for the third round will be posted.

Quick Summary of Week 15

  • 4 games in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10
  • 13 Touchdowns scored
  • 14 Casualties caused (1 resulted in Death)
  • 9 Completions made
  • 34,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 15

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 – Central Division

Obituaries for Week 15

  • Whipputrid (Rotter for The Bile Blitzers): Killed during a match against the Shadows. He knew he was in trouble when he went to pick his head off the floor and noticed his arms had been removed.  

Player Statistics for the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 15
2 Ragnhilder Linesman Valhallen Vixen’s 12
Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 12
Simon Orne Ghoul The Innsmouth Shadows 12
Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 12
6 Briel Fester Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 11
Kaminsky Mittbrott Blitzer Ragnars Swift Velocity 11
Shunt Blitzer Beaumont Blitzers 11
9 (7) Dec Catcher We Tree Fellows 9
10 Blarig Blitzer Grappler Flesh Grinders 8

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 4
2 Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 3
Simon Orne Ghoul The Innsmouth Shadows 3
Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 3
5 Horkarth Gravelender Wight Atrocity Exhibition 2
Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 2
Elesser Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 2
Lars Ulrichson Catcher Ragnars Swift Velocity 2
Shunt Blitzer Beaumont Blitzers 2
Bodgeit ‘n’ Scarper Goblin Beaumont Blitzers 2

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Briel Fester Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 3
Grim Bob Ogre The Man Eaters 3
Kaminsky Mittbrott Blitzer Ragnars Swift Velocity 3
4 Grgrad Moulder Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 2
Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 2
Carter Zombie The Innsmouth Shadows 2
Elliot Flesh Golem The Innsmouth Shadows 2
Grimslake Rotter The Bile Blitzers 2
Paddy ‘the Player’ Punisher Black Orc Blocker Beaumont Blitzers 2
10 Lashiform Rat Ogre Tail Slammers 1

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Doomvenon Rotter The Bile Blitzers 7
2 Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 4
James Hetfielder Thrower Ragnars Swift Velocity 4
4 Simon Orne Ghoul The Innsmouth Shadows 3
(03) Hamish ‘The Hammer’ Thrower We Tree Fellows 3
Chuk ‘the Rock’ Lobba Thrower Beaumont Blitzers 3
Cronus Malitkay Thrower Ruskin Arms Bar Flys 3
8 Rulg Ear-Hacker Thrower Orcland Cleavers 2
Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 2
Felix Alder Thrower Ragnars Swift Velocity 2

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 2
2 Hutchinson Wight The Innsmouth Shadows 1
Bim Snotling The Man Eaters 1
Shunt Blitzer Beaumont Blitzers 1

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