Bar Flys Drop Out!

It is with much regret that we announce that the Ruskin Arms Bar Flys have dropped out of this seasons competition! In a statement delivered to the HDWSBBL commissioner’s office earlier this week they confirmed that they have other matters to focus on right now.

We at the HDWSBBL wish them the best of luck in the future and hope they will return for another go.

This has some obvious repercussions for the competitions this season which are detailed below:

Implications for the Open Scramble 2509/10

The Bar Flays had two games remaining in West Division against the Man Eaters and Ragnars Swift Velocity.

Both the Man Eaters and RSV have been awarded the win using the guidelines for forfeits (both teams got two MVP’s and both sets of winnings). This means that West Division has now completed all its games with RSV finishing in second and the Man Eaters finishing in third.

Implications for the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

The Bar Flys had played their match in the first round but are now unable to play in any subsequent ones. Their scheduled opponents in the second round, the Man Eaters, have been awarded the victory as above.

As removing the team from the remaining two rounds would cause an imbalance (as we need an even number of teams) then they shall remain at the bottom and any team drawn against them will be awarded an instant win.

As they will finish last as a result, it would be unfair to name the HDWSBBL Shield competition after them next season. As a result, the team that finishes in 17th place will have the honour of having next years competition named after them.

Implications for the Championship IV


Implications for the Slammer Shield

With the Bar Flys dropping out, there are now only 9 teams who can enter for the Slammer Shield. This means that only one pre-qualification match will need to take place.

This match will be between the teams in 5th position in North and South Divisions (when determined). The winning team will qualify for the Slammer shield and count as the 4th placed team in West Division for the benefit of the draw.

Full announcements about the Championship IV and the Slammer Shield will be made shortly after the New Year.


  1. “This match will be between the teams in 5th position in North and South Divisions (when determined).”

    What’s this “When determined” business? You KNOW full well that it’s going to be the Innsmouth Shadows vs the Bile Blitzers.

    Which is good for me, as the Bile Blitzers are probably the only squad that I’d actually give the Shadows good odds against.

    1. True! I was under the impression that Donald’s last two games in North could change the standings!

      Fancy playing the Bile Blitzers on the 7th of Jan to see who qualifies for the Slammer Shield? That way we can launch stright into the competition with little delay?

      1. Not a problem. Though I should probably point out that this means I’ve played them twice in a row.

        Ah well, at least they aren’t Elves.

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