Upcoming Downtime

Update Tuesday 29th Dec: All Done. Thanks for bearing with me!

Hi Guys,

I need to so some work on the database that underpins this entire site. Unfortunately I need to take the entire site off-line to do this!

As a result the website will be unavailable for a few hours tomorrow evening (Tuesday the 29th of December) while I do this work. All the sites hosted on the domain will be affected.

A lot of the downtime will be waiting for our web hosts to implement something and that is where I see the delay happening. You can keep an eye on the Twitter feed if you want as it will be running during the upgrade. If I run into any serious issues I will update the twitter feed to let you know.


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  1. Guys,

    Hopefully someone will pick this up. I wont be “coming out to play” tonight – I’ve got a match v Stu F and I don’t travel anywhere in this sort of weather, and, if I don’t go into work, it’s a bit off wandering out to play wargames. Oh and yes, I didn’t head out to my martial arts class last night – I really do look on it that way!

    Cheers, and see you all soon (I hope).

    And a Happy New Year!

    Dave Ireland

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