Gerhards Soapbox: Championship IV Predictions

Finally after months of build-up, the annual HDWSBBL Championship Cup Tournament is upon us! I remember the moment three seasons ago that I walked up the steps of the HDWSBBL “World” Stadium to lift the Championship Cup on behalf of RSV, one of the proudest moments of my life!

Moving on, this year another team will have the pleasure of being declared the best in the league. I know every year the league hypes the competition as being the best ever but it could actually be justified this time around! For the first time in HDWSBBL History, we have two former Championship Cup winners present (RSV and the KKC) and three of the remaining 6 are veterans here in the league with two of them having entered a Championship Tournament before (the Rangers and the Reavers)!

If the Slammer Shield was heavy with bashy teams then the Championship IV is certainly the opposite. We have three Elf teams, a little dinosaur team, and two mid card brawlers. It is only really Atrocity and the Deadheads who bring some fight to the line-up.

So, who do I think will come out with the wins?

The Loren Rangers vs Drackwald Deadheads
Well, the bloody Rangers have managed to qualify for the Championship Cup again. As much as it pains me to say it, they are the only team to have qualified every year without fail (although the fact they keep losing makes me feel a little better). The Rangers took full advantage of being in South Division with 4 brand new teams and have ended up with the longest winning streaks in HDWSBBL History.

With the form they are on, they have a strong chance of taking home their first HDWSBBL Championship Cup in this tournament. We know they are a little bit bitter about not being the best throwing team this season (ha) but I have a feeling that Jordan Hawk and his Divas will use this to give them the motivation they need to give their best performance in these matches.

Their Opponents are the Deadheads who are back after a season away from the league. Since their return they have proved to be a pretty dominating (if slow) force to be reckoned with. Now, I like the Deadheads but I have a suspicion that they play so slowly so their opponents fall into a deep sleep. They will have to speed things up a notch when they play the Rangers otherwise the Everlong brothers will be running rings around them.

Hopefully, the Deadhead stars will be able to maul the Rangers into submission. If not, then the Rangers will be the victorious team in this match.

Ragnars Swift Velocity vs Atrocity Exhibition
A painful fixture for me. As mentioned earlier, I coached RSV to win the first ever Championship Cup Tournament in 2507. Despite them dumping me after all I did for them, I still want them to be the first team to go on to win the HDWSBBL Championship Cup twice. Unfortunately they are up against one of the roughest teams in HDWSBBL History.

Wherever Atrocity has gone they have left a trail of dead in their wake. They have made no friends this season with their take no prisoners attitude but when you are a Undead team you don’t need to make new friends as you can simply raise some new ones from the dead!

My gut is telling me that Atrocity are certainly going to be the winners of this one but I hope that Velocity strike fast and that Atrocity don’t catch them up otherwise we could be mourning some more players this time next week!

Valhallen Vixen’s vs Teotigua Predators
For some reason this match has not received as much attention as the others. Both these teams made their debut in the HDWSBBL this season and have done well to get this far.

The Vixen’s have managed to do well by shaking their fabulous bums around to distract the opposition while their doggies have torn everyone apart. They have managed some surprise wins against established teams such as RSV and the Man Eaters so now we will see what they are like against the “big boys”.

Unfortunately, they won’t be up against any big boys in the first round. Instead they are up against the little Dinos who are so cold blooded they wouldn’t be distracted by a shaking arse unless it had the word “food” printed on it (Then again, maybe I am giving them too much credit as I don’t think they can read). The Predators have recently got a real dinosaur on their team so it will be interesting to see what happens when a Snow Troll encounters a Krox!

To be honest, I don’t think it matters who will win as they will lose to the Reavers/KKC in the next round but as I am being paid to pick one I shall go with the Vixen’s (because I promised myself I would never pick the Dinos).

Karond Kar Corsairs vs Mc Cauligh Reavers
The much anticipated rematch is finally going to happen. Towards the tail end of last season the KKC and the Reavers had an eventful series of encounters as the two teams battled to become the best in the League. Ultimately the KKC won and took home two HDWSBBL Cups while the Reavers left as the 1st placed losers (That’s runners-up to you politically correct morons).

They are now due to meet for the first time this season but a lot has changed. The Reavers are still attempting to recover from the mauling they received at the hands of Atrocity and it has taken some time for them to get their form, and their injured players, back.

KKC on the other hand have gone from strength to strength. Apart from a slight dip at the start of the season which almost saw them embarrassed by the Tail Slammers, they are one of the most dominating teams around at the moment. With their four Blitzers leading the charge (which I have noticed the fans have dubbed the 4 Horsemen) and the delicious Ms Spite in the backfield, there are few teams who can withstand their assault.

I think this will be the closest game of the four but unless we get any uniform mix-ups like last time, the KKC will ultimately win and take a step closer to being the first team to successfully defend a HDWSBBL Championship (and the first team to win a HDWSBBL cup twice).

Overall, I think we are in for a treat with this competition. As the competition progresses into the Semi-Finals the matches will get tougher and tougher. I do have to pick a winner though so once again I have consulted my little interns and my prediction for the Championship IV is….

Winner: KKC
1st Place losers: The Loren Rangers

There, don’t tell anybody I actually picked the Rangers to do something this season, I would never live it down.


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