Gerhards Soapbox: Pepslay round 3 predictions!

This one will be a brief one as I have some business to attend to!

Loren Rangers v Karond Kar Corsairs
The Rangers *spit* are possibly on the greatest form of their career. I think that if they are ever going to defeat the KKC then tonight is the night. However I feel the 4 horsemen will manage to smash as many Rangers as possible and take home the victory!
Prediction: KKC

Drackwald Deadheads v Teotigua Predators
The Deadheads are another team on good form. I was gutted for them when they lost to the Rangers last week and I hope they use this match to get some vengeance.
Prediction: Deadheads

Innsmouth Shadows v Grappler Flesh Grinders
Two of my favourite teams are up against each other! As the Shadows get pissy when I predict them to win, I am going to go with the Grinders as I really don’t want Curwin moaning at me again!
Prediction: Flash Grinders

Beaumont Blitzers v Atrocity Exhibition
Two mighty fighting teams clash. I think this match will come down to who hits the hardest first! If the Blitzers can hold their nerve then they have a chance.
Prediction: Atrocity

Tutsbone Jackles v Ragnar’s Swift Velocity
On any normal day I would go with RSV in a heat beat however I know that they have never done too well against Khemri teams. Throw into the mix the fact that some of their better players are missing this game and I am going to have to surprise a few people.
Prediction: Jackles!

Mc Cauligh Reavers v The Man Eaters
It’s a shock to see the Reavers so far down the standings for this competition. Hopefully they can overcome the off-form Man Eaters and regain some pride for this Season.
Prediction: Reavers

Orcland Cleavers v Tail Slammers
Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who sees through the thick veils of mud that the Slammers call a uniform and recognises that they are a truly horrible team. They have been very lucky recently but hopefully the Cleavers will end their career once and for all (I know, I say that every time. Hopefully someone will prove me correct one day).
Prediction: Cleavers

We Tree Fellows v The Bile Blitzers
Pristine Elves against foul, disgusting, rotten Nurgle followers? I hope the Bile ones mess up the Fellows just a little to remind them that the aim of the game is to score and not throw the ball around like a lunatic. I will love it if the Bile ones actually manage to out-throw the Fellows.
Prediction: Bile Blitzers

Valhallen Vixen’s v Ruskin Arms Bar Flys
The Vixens have a nice “game” here. Its still shocking to see the West Division Champions down at the bottom of the table but as they saying goes they only way is up!
Prediction: Vixen’s (one I am 100% sure off!)



  1. and you say our spelling bad, it looks like the flesh grinders have changed there name to the flash grinders, ur getting old gerhard maybe they should hire a younger n less bias person for the job like a younge skaven.

    1. Well “scout”, if you had been paying attention to my other articles you would have seen that I have been referring to them by that name for some time.

      It relates to their un-orcish style of play which is flashy but very efficient, something you obviously know nothing about.

      I will be watching closely tonight, I am hoping for lots of Skaven blood.

    1. What just happened is that the I’m playing you in the final for the Pepslay, and Gerhard is going to bet on you as the winner.

      And we all know what’s going to happen then…


  2. a team that waas in the slammer could win the pepslay this is interesting situation, well shadows uv got no chance of the slammer being named after you then as u thought it would

    1. No, but you most certainly do.

      At this point, your team is one of the few races that stand a chance against the Beaumont Blitzers in the final.

      The Flesh Grinders will be a good practice run, tactics you use to beat them will work just as well on the Blitzers.

      1. The Flesh Grinders will be a good practice run, tactics you use to get destroyed will work just as well on the Blitzers.


        I fancy an all Orc final myself. May be a bit of a boring game to watch but it will be one hell of a bloodfest.

        1. for once i agree with gerhard, we will probably get destroyed by the grinders, but by some sheer luck both us and the orcland cleaners could win our matches there is some hoping hehe might just be able to pull it off

          1. Leap you daft beggar. The fastest person he’s got is MA 5. Draw them in to your side of the pitch and leap over their heads with the ball. Draw out safetys by getting multiple Gutter Runners into his half and getting the ball to AccuRat.

            Then score with AccuRat.

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