Open Scramble Semi-Final Preview

After 21 weeks of active competition, the Open Scramble 2509/10 is finally drawing to a close! Back in September 18 teams began the journey to become this seasons league champions but now only four remain. As the Semi-Finals begin, the four Divisional champions will finally face each other to determine the final two teams who will compete for the HDWSBBL League Cup.

The two fixtures could not be more different. The first match will pit two veteran teams against each other, both of them eager to be the first team to win the League cup twice. The second match will see two new teams clash to determine who is the best of the new generation in the league.

Karond Kar Corsairs (North) vs The Loren Rangers (South)

The Karond Kar Corsairs are the reigning league champions in the HDWSBBL after successfully claiming the Championship last season. They have found out that often the hardest part of being the champions is having the pressure of defending it. This Season they where entered again in North Division and where put up against a wide verity of teams. On paper the Corsairs should have walked over teams such as the Tail Slammers and Innsmouth Shadows but it is a testament to them and to the league in general that the little teams fought back, each one of them trying to defeat the team of the moment. After a shock defeat by the Drackwald Deadheads the Corsairs soon bounced back and rediscovered their winning ways eventually defeating the Wee Tree Fellows to take the North Division title only a week or two before the end of the league stages of the competition.

This season the Loren Rangers have been the definition of the word “unstoppable”. Since the moment the season begun they have not lost a match and have been braking records all over the place for the number of Touchdowns scored. They where placed in South Division for the first time against 4 teams making their debut in the HDWSBBL. The Rangers quickly used these matches as an exhibition ground for their expertise as they slowly took the opposition apart. Towards the end of the league stages, certain teams such as the Grappler Flesh Grinders and the Teotigua Predators began to fight back but it was took late as the Rangers had already taken the South Division title!

Recent Form

  • Corsairs: LWWWL
  • Rangers: WWWWW

Players to watch

  • Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) – 3rd best player in the Open Scramble, first player to “do a Bloodgate”
  • Ashinan Wyrmbane (Blitzer) – Top Scorer for the Corsairs in the Open Scramble
  • Takarath Balefire (Blitzer) – Caused most fatalities in the Open Scramble
  • Varkon Darkblade (Blitzer) – Most Violent Corsair in the Open Scramble
  • Caneran Everlong (Catcher) – Best player in the Open Scramble, top scorer of the Competition
  • Elesser Everlong (Catcher) – Overshadowed by his brother but still one of the top scorers of the Competition
  • Erison Youngwhite (Catcher) – Top thrower of the competition and the leagues history
  • Lenrean Serinde (Wardancer) – Relatively new player but has been on amazing for of late.

Previous Encounters

  • The Corsairs and the Rangers have met each other on the pitch three times.
  • The Corsairs have won two of the matches and the Rangers have won one.
  • Their most recent encounter was only this past week in the 3rd round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10
  • For the Corsairs, Varkon Darkblade has scored the most Touchdowns against the Rangers managing 3 in the last three games
  • For the Rangers, Elengad Greenstone and Caneran Everlong have scored the most Touchdowns against the Corsairs managing 2 Touchdowns each.
  • In the previous Encounters, the Rangers have made 9 accurate completions and the Corsairs have made 3.
  • However, the Corsairs have caused 10 casualties against the Rangers but the Rangers have only returned 2 of them!

Atrocity Exhibition (East) vs Valhallen Vixen’s (West)

Atrocity entered the HDWSBBL with one goal in mind; to kill and maim as many people as possible. From the moment of their debut against the Beaumont Blitzers, they showed that they would be not taking any prisoners this season. To get to this point they have managed to overcome veteran teams such as the Mc Cauligh Reavers and the Blitzers and flooded their roster with zombies risen from the dead players of their opposition! In fact, they proved so dominant that they where declared East Division Champions early on in the season!

When the VIxen’s first announced their intention to enter the HDWSBBL, there was much amusement. The league had already seen the capabilities of the Norse teams in the league after the disastrous run from the Wolf Pack last season and many didn’t expect a largely female Norse team to do any better! They quickly proved their doubters wrong though when they promptly defeated Veterans RSV and the Man Eaters in quick succession. From there it was a simple matter of time before they became the West Division Champions.

Recent Form

  • Atrocity: WWLWW
  • Vixen’s: WLWLW

Players to watch

  • Grgrad Moulder (Mummie) – Top player for Atrocity in the Open Scramble
  • Manfred Braingulper (Ghoul) – Top Scorer for Atrocity in the Open Scramble
  • Briel Fester (Mummie) – Most Vicious for Atrocity in the Open Scramble
  • Lucien Lifetaker (Wright) – Has been on great form as of late
  • Viktor (Runner) – Best player for the Vixen’s in the Open Scramble
  • Erika (Thrower) – Best thrower for the Vixen’s in the Open Scramble
  • Oddvar (Snow Troll) – Unpredictable on the field but certainly dominating
  • Reinhard (Ulfwerner) – Expert at creating openings in the oppositions defence

Previous Encounters

  • Atrocity and the Vixen’s have only met once before in the opening round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10
  • Atrocity won the last match 3-1
  • Horkarth Gravelender is the top scorer for Atrocity against the Vixen’s with two Touchdowns

So, who will prevail in the Semi-Finals? Tune in to Sly Sports to fins out the answer.


  1. Now now, the Wolfpack weren’t THAT bad. They did a damn sight better than Little Paul’s other team, The Best of Bands and this years Bile Blitzers.

    There’s a good chance we could see the Wolfpack make a return next season.

    Also, on the subject of the Bile Blitzers, I’m kind of hoping that they win their last match in the Pepslay, as the Blitzer Cup doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the Fellows Charity Shield or the Cleaver Cup.

    1. Fellows Charity Shield

      Love it!

      I will agree with you on the Wolf pack being better then the Best of Bands but I quite like the Bile Blitzers. They have a good thrower assuming his arms don’t fall off any time soon:-D

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