Slammer Shield Semi-Final Preview

With the Semi-Finals of the Open Scramble 2509/10 behind us we now look towards the Semi-Finals of the Slammer Shield. Now in its second year, the competition for the HDWSBBL Shield has turned into one of the most hotly contested championships in the league!

This Season the Slammer shield has been dominated by the stronger teams of the HDWSBBL with one exception, the Tail Slammers! Yes, the very team that “lent” their name to the Shield have managed to get as far as the Semi-Finals! Below we will take a look at both of the upcoming matches and profile the four teams who will be taking part.

Grappler Flesh Grinders vs The Tail Slammers

The Grappler Flesh Grinders have created quite a stir since their debut here in the HDWSBBL. Having spent the league stages of the Open Scramble in South Division, they ended up going facing the Loren Rangers on more than one occasion. This may have influenced their play style as they don’t always perform like a stereotypical Orc team, instead they pass and run the ball as well as any agility based team. Despite the unorthodox play style and having the backing of Gerhard, the “Flash” Grinders just missed out on qualifying for the Championship IV. However they have turned that disappointment into the real possibility of winning the Slammer Shield after ploughing through the Tutsbone Jackles.

The Tail Slammers are no stranger to the competition for the HDWSBBL Shield. Having crashed out in the first round of last Seasons competition they ended up with this very competition named after them! Compared to last season though the Slammers are a different team. Having “replaced” most of the Skaven that made up last seasons team has transformed them into a capable side that has surprised many teams including the reigning League/Championship Cup champions the Corsairs! At they start of the Season they quickly took the lead in North Division and fended off all competition for some time! However the form could not be sustained for ever and it all came crashing down half way through the league stages. From there they have struggled to regain that winning form but could once again surprise many.

Recent Form

  • Grinders: LWLLL
  • Slammers: WWLWL

Players to watch

  • Blarig (Blitzer) – Best player of the Slammer Shield so far
  • T’Yrong (Blitzer) – Top Scorer for the Grinders
  • T’ong (Thrower) – Top Thrower for the Grinders
  • Mortiz (Black Orc) – Most eager to maim of the Grinders
  • Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – Best Player for the Slammers
  • Nurglost the Expectorus – Top Scorer for the Slammers in the Slammer Shield
  • Bat Rat (Gutter Runner) – Up and coming Rat for the Slammers
  • Invisible Rat (Gutter Runner) – Up and coming Rat for the Slammers

Previous Encounters

  • These two teams have never faced each other before
  • The Grinders have not faced a Skaven team before
  • The Slammers are undefeated against Orc teams (although they have only played one!)

Orcland Cleavers vs Beaumont Blitzers

The Orcland Cleavers are another new team here in the HDWSBBL. The fact that they are coached by the mysterious “Orkfink”, an intelligent Snotling, has lead to most people writing the Cleavers off. However they finished in 4th place in South Division and didn’t have to play to qualify for the Slammer Shield. The Cleavers have improved their game as the Season has progressed and have proved to be a formidable team when Orkfink has willed it. For their last few games they have been up against quick teams so it will be interesting to see if they can adapt back to a slower style of play for this match.

The Beaumont Blitzers are the current holders of the HDWSBBL Shield after bashing their way to victory last Season in the Ankle Biter Competition. It surprised many to see the Blitzers fail to qualify for the Championship IV as it was expected that the winners of the HDWSBBL Shield would go on to better things. However it looks like that the Blitzers found some one scarier then them when Atrocity Exhibition ploughed through them. Since then they have not been the same team have shown apprehension in everything they do and even skirted the rules of the league by missing a few key games. It will be interesting to see if the Blitzers advance to the finals and attempt to become the first team to retain the HDWSBBL Shield.

Recent Form

  • Cleavers: LWWDL
  • Blitzers: LWLWL

Players to watch

  • Vragdish Nail-Eater (Blitzer) – Top Scorer for the Cleavers in the Slammer Shield
  • Rulg Ear-Hacker (thrower) – Top Thrower for the Cleavers
  • Horbag Talon-Gut (Blitzer) – Top Scorer for the Cleavers
  • Eruug Rot-Chewer (Black Orc) – BIggest Bruser for the Cleavers
  • Shunt (Blitzer) – Top Scorer of the Slammer Shield
  • Chuk Lobba (Thrower) – Top Thrower for the Blitzers
  • Jargon Juggernaught (Troll) – Most likely to digest a Goblin
  • Bodgeit ‘n’ Scarper (Goblin) – Top Scoring Goblin / Most likely to be eaten alive

Previous Encounters

  • These  two teams have never faced each other before
  • The Cleavers have a 50% win record against other Orc teams
  • The Blitzers have never faced another Orc team

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