Championship IV Semi-Final Preview

We know we are only weeks away from the end of the season when the Championship Tournament enters the Semi-Final stages. It is a testament to the integrity of the competition that three of the four teams present also reached the Semi-Finals of the Open Scramble. Three of the four Divisional Champions of the league are represented in the fixtures with only the Valhallen Vixen’s being absent.

The Loren Rangers vs Atrocity Exhibition

Since the last time they where covered, the Rangers suffered their first defeat of the season against the Corsairs in the Semi-Finals of the Open Scramble. That hasn’t slowed them down though as it looks like they are the first team this season to claim a HDWSBBL Championship Cup. They are still very eager to win this competition though and be the first team to win all three of the HDWSBBL Major Championship Cups.

Atrocity Exhibition have continued to be one of the most dominent teams in the HDWSBBL although they had a close call against the Vixen’s in the Open Scramble Semis. They have a real chance of winning both the HDWSBBL League and Championship Cups although they have to get through the rangers first!

Recent Form

  • Rangers: DLWWW
  • Atrocity: WWWLW

Players to watch

  • Caneran Everlong (Catcher)
  • Elesser Everlong (Catcher)
  • Erison Youngwhite (Catcher)
  • Lenrean Serinde (Wardancer)
  • Grgrad Moulder (Mummie)
  • Manfred Braingulper (Ghoul)
  • Briel Fester (Mummie)
  • Lucien Lifetaker (Wright)

Previous Encounters

  • These two teams have never faced each other/li>
  • Atrocity have faced other Elf teams 2 times and have come away with a win and a loss
  • The Rangers have faced other “undead” teams 6 times and have come away with 5 wins and a draw!
  • This will be the first time a Wood Elf team has faced an Undead team in the HDWSBBL

Karond Kar Corsairs vs Teotigua Predators

By now the Corsairs are no strangers to Semi-Finals. After two seasons in the HDWSBBL this will mark the fourth Semi-Final that they have reached. While it appears as though they are out of the running for the Pepslay Challenge they still have a good shot in the Championship IV. As the Reigning champions the Corsairs are under a lot of pressure to retain their title and look like they have the form to do it.

The final member of the four Semi Finalists are the Teotigua Predators. Upon entering the league, these “Midget Dinos” (thanks Gerhard) suffered at the hands of some of the other teams in the league. However as the season has progressed the Predators form has improved so much that they have exceeded all expectations (much to the joy of their Head coach who literally has his life riding on the results of these games!). Having made it this far they have already proven that they can handle a bit of pressure but not the real test will come as the level of competition faced will be like nothing they have seen previously.

Recent Form

  • Corsairs: WWLWW
  • Predators: DWWWW

Players to watch

  • Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer)
  • Ashinan Wyrmbane (Blitzer)
  • Takarath Balefire (Blitzer)
  • Varkon Darkblade (Blitzer)
  • Kimo (Skink) – Top Scorer for the Predators
  • Patariki (Skink) – has been a thorn in the side of many teams
  • Tama (Saurus) – The Predators heavy hitter
  • Rikku (Skink) – This little one is as fast as lightning and has out-run many a defender

Previous Encounters

  • These teams have never faced each other before
  • This will be the first time that a Dark Elf team has faced a lizardmen team in the HDWSBBL
  • The Predators have faced other “Elves” before but lost both matches!

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