Final Round of the Pepslay Challenge Announced!

With all the controversy around the Tail Slammers winning their own Competition it is easy to overlook the action coming up this week!

This week will finally see the 4th and final round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10. The winner may have already been determined but the rest of the teams will be battling it out to ensure that they finish high on the table as the team that finishes last will have the honour of having the Competition for the HDWSBBL Shield named after them next Season!

So, without further ado, the fixtures for this Thursday (4th March) are:

  • Drackwald Deadheads vs Karond Kar Corsairs
  • Teotigua Predators vs Atrocity Exhibition
  • The Man Eaters vs The Tutsbone Jackles
  • Ragnars Swift Velocity vs Tail Slammers
  • Grappler Flesh Grinders vs Beaumont Blitzers
  • The Bile Blitzers vs Orcland Cleavers
  • We Tree Fellows vs Valhallen Vixen’s

Good luck to all the teams!


  1. As I am still in a sulk about the Tail Slammers winning I shall post my predictions here:

    Deadheads vs KKC
    The Deadheads have been the only thorn in the side of the KKC this Season. I go with the Deadheads for the win

    Predators vs Atrocity
    The tiny brains of the tiny dinosaurs will be no match for Atrocity who will be a bit pissed after last week. Hopefully their brains will function enough to tell them to run. I go with Atrocity

    Man Eaters vs Jackles
    Tough one, I think the Snotlings of the Man Eaters will run rings around the Skellies while the Ogres clash with the Mummies head on! I go with the Man Eaters.

    RSV vs Tail Slammers.
    RSV HAVE to win or I will shoot them myself

    Grinders vs Blitzers
    The Blitzers will be out to prove something this week after being defeated by Skaven! I predict Orcs will win this one:-D

    Bile Ones vs Cleavers
    Past encounters have ended with the Cleavers winning so I don’t see why that should change.

    Vixen’s vs WTF
    Why in the name of Nuffle are the West Division Champions at the bottom of the table? Regardless I believe they will win, all they have to do is cripple the Elf Thrower and they won’t be able to use their one viable tactic.


  2. Thanks for the predictions Gerhard, I’ll remember to look forward to the KKC winning, the Predators amazing victory, Jackles finally getting some form, Tail Slammers making the best of their post victory glow and winning out against RSV, a draw between Grinders and Blitzers and the Wee Tree Fellows managing to avoid getting next years Charity Shield named after them then.

    The Bile Blitzers will still lose though.

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