Season 4 – Week 24 – Tail Slammers Overcome Odds as Championship Contenders Battle It Out

Just because we are around three weeks from the end of the season does not mean that things are slowing down around here! This week saw some of the biggest action of the season as the final of the Slammer Shield took place and the teams determined the final two who would compete in the final of the Championship IV.

The biggest match of the night was unquestionably the final of the Slammer Shield. The final was not due to take place for another three weeks but once again the HDWSBBL commission listened to the teams pleading to play their match early. From the word go this match was full of firsts (the Tail Slammers are the first Skaven team to play a match in the HDWSBBL World Stadium, this was the first time that these teams had met, this was the first time that a championship winning team had made it through to the finals of the following tournament, etc) but the thousands of fans in attendance where still not ready for the upset that took place.

The match began with both teams adopting their normal tactics; the Blitzers tried to pound the Skaven into oblivion as the Tail Slammers darted up the pitch faster then the Sly Sports cameras could track them. While most fans expected star Arcani Spark to be the first to score, it was in fact a relatively new Gutter Runner called Invisible Rat that opened the scoring. The Blitzers didn’t give up though as they used their size to their advantage and took multiple Skaven of the pitch.

Both teams eventually scored again taking the score to 2 – 2. With time running down it looked like the war of attrition was taking its toll on the Tail Slammers and the Blitzers would be the Champions. However Invisible Rat once again ran through the defenders to score the winning Touchdown for the Tail Slammers. As the Jaws of thousands of fans across the Old World slammed into the floor in union the Skaven of the world erupted in celebration. Believe it or not but the Tail Slammers managed to win their own cup!

While the chaos of the Slammer Shield final was occurring, the remaining teams in the Championship IV got on with the Semi-Finals.

The reining Champions the Corsiars took on the Predators. Going into the match the Predators had built up some impressive momentum and were looking for a win. However things turned sour when the Daemon Balefire took out Moxal the Kroxigor just seconds after the opening whistle! From there it was an absolute whitewash as the champions showed their determination to retain their title. The Lizardmen did get a few offensive shots in but every time they secured the ball it was ripped out of their hands. Despite their best efforts, the Predators lost the match 4-0 as the Corsairs go onto the Final of the Championship IV.

The other semi final was between the Loren Rangers and Atrocity Exhibition. Having already suffered one high-profile death this season, the Rangers where eager to avoid any direct confrontation with one of the most violent teams of the HDWSBBL. With their usual style the Rangers danced their dance of victory around Atrocity who could barely lay a hand on the nimble Wood Elves during the 1st Half. Eventually though there where times when the Rangers luck ran out and Atrocity managed to catch up with them. The end result was that two rookie Line Elfs have been killed and another player will miss the next match as the Rangers won 3-0. We would hate to be the next opponents of Atrocity as after the match they where angry and looking for someone to take their aggression out on!

This means that the Final of the Championship IV will be between the Loren Rangers and the Karond Kar Corsairs. The Final is due to take place in three weeks time.

The other three matches that took place this week there the remaining games in the 3rd round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

RSV took on the Jackles in a tense game. RSV have never had much luck against Khemri teams in the HDWSBBL and where eager to show they where still in the running. Despite still recovering from the mauling received at the hands of Atrocity, the team gave it their all and quickly scored to take the lead. The Jackles quickly formed an impressive cage and moved down field. After several attempts of breaking the cage open, RSV finally succeeded and popped the ball lose and run it home for a second Touchdown just before half time. The Jackles came out in the second half ready for a fight and took a few of the Velocity players out of the match. They stormed down the pitch and scored before RSV had a chance to regroup. With the game nearing an end RSV began to celebrate their likely win. Unfortunately for them Nuffle had other plans. With their available player severely reduced they failed to clear the ball from their End Zone in what should have been a routine pass. The Jackles took full advantage of this mistake and grabbed the ball and run it into the End Zone moments before the end of the match ending it as a 2 all draw!

The remaining two matches where unfortunately forfeits. The Bile Blitzers got the automatic win against WTF after the Elves no-showed for the third week running and the Man Eaters picked up a win against the recently departed Reavers.

These matches now means the 4th and final round of the Pepslay Challenge can take place as planned this week. Most of the teams will be taking part and if we are lucky we might just witness the 400th Touchdown of the Season! Stay tuned to the website and Sly Sports for all the news as it happens.

Quick Summary of Week 24

  • 3 games in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10
  • 2 games in the Semi Finals of the The Championship IV
  • 1 game in the Final of the The Slammer Shield
  • 20 Touchdowns scored
  • 17 Casualties caused (2 resulted in Death)
  • 11 Completions made
  • 1 Interception made
  • 70,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 24

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

The Championship IV – Semi Final

The Slammer Shield – Final

Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 – Central Division

Obituaries for Week 24

Standings for the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 after 3 rounds

Central Division

The Loren Rangers 4 3 1 0 16 5 11 4 15 -11 100
The Innsmouth Shadows 4 3 1 0 10 5 5 12 5 7 100
Drackwald Deadheads 3 2 1 0 7 3 4 2 1 1 70
Teotigua Predators 3 2 1 0 7 4 3 2 5 -3 70
Karond Kar Corsairs 3 2 0 1 9 5 4 4 5 -1 60
Atrocity Exhibition 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 5 2 3 60
The Man Eaters 3 2 0 1 4 7 -3 6 3 3 60
The Tutsbone Jackles 3 1 1 1 3 4 -1 6 3 3 40
Ragnars Swift Velocity 3 1 1 1 6 7 -1 7 5 2 40
Tail Slammers 3 1 0 2 6 5 1 2 11 -9 30
Grappler Flesh Grinders 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 12 2 10 30
Beaumont Blitzers 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 4 1 3 30
The Bile Blitzers 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 4 5 -1 30
Valhallen Vixen’s 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2 2 6 -4 30
Mc Cauligh Reavers 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 1 3 -2 30
We Tree Fellows 3 0 1 2 3 7 -4 1 2 -1 10
Orcland Cleavers 3 0 1 2 2 7 -5 4 1 3 10
Ruskin Arms Bar Flys 3 0 0 3 0 8 -8 0 3 -3 0

Player Statistics for the 2509/10 Season (Week 24)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 73
2 Elesser Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 61
3 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 59
4 Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen’s 55
5 Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 50
6 Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 43
7 Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 42
8 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 41
Ashinan Wyrmbane Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 41
10 Seravina Spite Witch Elf Karond Kar Corsairs 37

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 24
2 Elesser Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 16
3 Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen’s 15
4 Ashinan Wyrmbane Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 12
5 Fredrick Roeder Catcher Ragnars Swift Velocity 11
Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 11
Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 11
8 Ian Crush Werewolf Drackwald Deadheads 7
Bodgeit ‘n’ Scarper Goblin Beaumont Blitzers 7
Isaacs Shingnawer Ghoul Atrocity Exhibition 7

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 12
2 Briel Fester Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 10
3 Grim Bob Ogre The Man Eaters 8
Grgrad Moulder Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 8
5 Lashiform Rat Ogre Tail Slammers 7
Gariad Blitzer Tail Slammers 7
7 Oakton Treeman The Loren Rangers 6
Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 6
T’Yrong Blitzer Grappler Flesh Grinders 6
Horkarth Gravelender Wight Atrocity Exhibition 6

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 50
2 (03) Hamish ‘The Hammer’ Thrower We Tree Fellows 27
3 Doomvenon Rotter The Bile Blitzers 22
4 T’ong Thrower Grappler Flesh Grinders 20
5 Rulg Ear-Hacker Thrower Orcland Cleavers 17
6 James Hetfielder Thrower Ragnars Swift Velocity 13
7 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 11
Erika Thrower Valhallen Vixen’s 11
9 Chuk ‘the Rock’ Lobba Thrower Beaumont Blitzers 10
10 Shadow Thrower Tail Slammers 9

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 3
2 Trog Linesman Grappler Flesh Grinders 2
3 Peter Crunch Flesh Golem Drackwald Deadheads 1
Kenny Dogleash Werewolf Drackwald Deadheads 1
Hutchinson Wight The Innsmouth Shadows 1
Shunt Blitzer Beaumont Blitzers 1
Carter Zombie The Innsmouth Shadows 1
Paddy ‘the Player’ Punisher Black Orc Blocker Beaumont Blitzers 1
Varkon Darkblade Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 1
Bim Snotling The Man Eaters 1

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