30 Games for the Corsairs!

Believe it or not the Karond Kar Corsairs have played their 30th game in the HDWSBBL! As is the tradition we thought we would look back on their career so far.

Despite being part of the HDWSBBL for less then two seasons the Corsairs have a legendary reputation. Debuting in the 2508/09 Season in North Division they quickly took apart their opponents including the Loren Rangers to cruse to their first Divisional Title.

Their incredible debut season continued from there with them storming through the league play-off and claiming the HDWSBBL League Cup on their first attempt. They showed similar form in the Championship III and quickly dispatched the Lustrian Snake Queens in the final to claim their second Championship in the season and becoming the first (and so far only) team to win both majors in a single season!

So far their second season has continued to be as successful. Residing once again in North Division with some familiar faces they claimed their second Divisional title after a rocky start to the season. Although they have failed again to claim the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup, their two remaining games this season could see them take both the HDWSBBL League and Championship Cups.

On the pitch they are often unmatched. In their 30 games they have only lost three games against some of the HDWSBBL finest (the Perverse Maidens of Torture, The Drackwald Deadheads and most recently the Loren Rangers). All other teams who have stood before them have fallen.

Not a team to gloat, the Corsairs let their actions on the pitch do the talking. All our post match interviewers get is a quick praise for Khaine and their life spared (if they are lucky) to spread the news about the latest victory.

Their fans on the other hand are some of the most dedicated in the League. After the Corsairs won two championships in the 2508/09 Season they managed to round up several hundred Virgins to sacrifice to the Dark Gods and since then the female attendance to the Corsairs games has shrunk dramatically! Their fans can also be found all around the old world debating on which of the 4 blitzers is the best and wondering how long will it be before the Corsairs are champions again. We shudder to think what the fans will do should the Corsairs win any further Championships this season.

The Opponents

As you can imagine, having beaten almost every team the have played has lead to some teams holding grudges against the Corsairs.

In particular the two Necromantic teams of the league (the Drackwald Deadheads and the Innsmouth Shadows) have had numerous clashes with the Corsairs. Despite using every known trick (and inventing some new ones) the Shadows are yet to defeat them although Mr Curwin promises that he will have his vengeance (cue fists shaking in the air). The Deadheads have had more luck having defeated them once but it was only this past week when the Corsairs denied them their chance of winning the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

Other teams have gone to more elaborate levels of deception to try and overcome the Corsairs. Not many people will quickly forget the Reavers wearing the team colours of the Corsairs in order to confuse them in the final of the Hunts Havoc 2508/09. Unfortunately for the Reavers it confused their team more then the Corsairs and they were quickly dispatched 2-1!

The true test of the Corsairs has come from other “legendary” teams such as the Rangers. These teams have pushed the Corsairs to their limits and in once instance actually defeated them. The Corsairs are reported to enjoy these encounters as it gives their players a nice warm up for the post-game debauchery!


Having already won two Championships (and lined themselves up for two more) it comes as no surprise that the Corsairs dominate most Competitions that they enter. For the league and Championship Competitions the Corsairs are often the bookies favourite to take the title.

It is only in the Competitions for the HDWSBBL Championship Cup (the Zombway Cup 2508/09 and the Pepslay Challenge 2508/09) that they appear to struggle. At one point it was rumoured that the Corsairs missed the memo about the Challenge cup being promoted to a Major and so never gave it their all. However inside sources have confirmed that the Corsair management was furious about the loss to the Rangers in the Pepslay Challenge and have already begun to plot their revenge for when these two teams next meet up in the final of the Championship IV in a few weeks time.

The Players

Like any team it is the players themselves that make the Corsairs the success they have been. The Corsairs have been blessed to have had a stable roster over the last two seasons and have only seen a handful of player fatalities (which includes the infamous “Eagle Award” winning death by Venonia Spite who tripped over and impaled herself on her own stilettos only minutes into her debut).

The highlight of the team for many fans is the fan labelled “Four Horsemen”. The four Blitzers of the Corsairs (Takarath Balefire, Varkon Darkblade, Ashinan Wyrmbane and Valdrek Bloodgate) have a deadly reputation. Between them they have scored 60 Touchdowns, caused 30 Causalities (8 resulting in fatalities) and numerous Completions and Interceptions.

If the Four Horsemen of the team are not to your liking then they have plenty of other stars such as Seravina Spite to drool over. The Corsairs currently have 5 players ranked in the top 25 players of the HDWSBBL, more then any other team at present!

The Statistics

As anybody who visits this site knows we love stats here at the HDWSBBL! The Corsairs have been setting and breaking records since their debut here in the HDWSBBL and don’t look like they will be stopping.

  • Won 24 games (80%)
  • Lost 3 games (10%)
  • Drew 3 games (10%)
  • Scored 82 Touchdowns (Average of 2.7 per match) – thats 8% of the leagues total
  • Made 50 successful completions (Average of 1.7 per match) – thats 5% of the leagues total
  • Caught 6 Interceptions (Average of 1 every 5 matches)
  • Caused 58 Casualties (Average 2 per match)
  • Caused 9 Deaths (Average of 1 every 3 matches)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL League Championship Cup (Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL Championship Cup (Championship III)
  • Won 2 League Divisional Titles (both in North Division)
  • Qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament 2 times (out of 2 attempts)
  • Are the third team (after the Loren Rangers and Ragnars Swift Velocity) to reach the milestone of 30 games.
  • 6 players have taken part in all 30 games
  • Are the leagues top ranked team for fatalities!
  • Had 19 players on their Roster (3 Witch Elves, 4 Blitzers, 1 Assassin, 9 Line Elves and two Journeymen).
  • The average career of a member of the Corsairs is 19 games!
  • Top Player is Valdrek Bloodgate with 100 Star Player Points (around 3.3 per game). Bloodgate is also the only player in the leagues history to score a Touchdown, Catch an Interception, cause a Causality, throw a completion and be awarded the MVP in a single match)!
  • Top scorer is a tie between Ashinan Wyrmbane and Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzers) with 19 Touchdowns each (about 0.6 per game and 23% of the teams total Touchdowns, or 46% when combined).
  • Top passer is Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) with 15 Completions (around 1 every 2 games) – Thats 30% of the teams total Completions.
  • Most vicious is Takarath Balefire (Blitzer) with 12 Casualties (of which 6 resulted in death). Balefire is also the leagues top killer and joint 3rd most violent player!

For completeness and for prosperity, their full record is below:

30 24 3 3 82 30 58 38 50 6 80

From here we look to the future. The Corsairs still have two games left to play. We will find out soon if they will once again make league history and become the 1st team to retain a Championship Cup!

The HDWSBBL thanks the Karond Kar Corsairs, the management, the players and their fans for all the action and glory over the last 30 games.

All praise Khaine!

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