And we are finally back!!!!!

Huzza and Hurrah. We are finally back online after a few months of fixing the entire thing. The main problem was one of our admins decided to up and leave and left us with all the payments to make with no money actually in our banks! (The said admin uped and left with the entire horde and is now wanted to several accounts of theft) It is also brought to our account that he took a lot of the back end staff with him as well, inculuding my wife (although that I don’t mind at all).

So we will try our very hardest working night and day to return the website to what it was and update all the matches, news and final summary’s you all have been waiting so long for.

We apoligize deeply and hope you continue to visit the website on a regualr basis.

Greg McMatholme, CEO HDWSBBL

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