New Season Forthcoming!

That’s right folks the new season is nearly upon us and today marks the begining of the registration period. This period of time lasts for the whole of August only, giving coaches plenty of time to get their teams ready and confirm any new signings during the pre-season.

The final date in which forms must reach us is the 2nd of September and no later. If you do have a very good reason as to why you couldn’t hand your form in then you have until the 6th of September to send it via e-mail. If you miss the cut-off date then your form will not be accepted and you will not be eligible to enter the league. This also applies to teams who are not returning back to the league, they will be presumed inactive.

Each form must be filled in full and very clearly as well as a clean and readable team roster sheet for your own copy and for us to double check any mistakes. Returning teams will still need to fill the form in and check any discrepancies out with the commissioners with the website if any. You can also send us the form electronically via e-mail if so desired, however me and Andrew will be here to collect forms as well as go through any problems.

Please also note that any “Missing Next Game” injury results will be wiped off from all players that are still carrying them. This all going to plan we hope to have all the teams announced by the 6th of September and commence the new season on the 9th of September with the draw taking place on the same day unless otherwise stated on the website.

We all wish you the best of luck and will update the website will last seasons closing remarks as soon as the snotlings are back from their fag break.

Alex & Andrew


  1. I will be handing out forms from tonight. If you have anyone else who is interested in joining then please invite them to join.

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