Corsairs, Rangers and the Slammers take Championship Gold!

Well, it has taken long enough but we are finally in a position to wrap up the 2509/10 Season of the HDWSBBL! We will shortly be recapping all the action from the past season before the new season ramps up so we thought it best to highlight the champions.

After several months of action, the four Champions for the season have been crowned. The final of the Open Scramble 2509/10 saw a surprising twist at the last moment. The Karond Kar Corsairs where lined up to take on the fearsome Atrocity Exhibition but due to the Exhibitions transport getting lost on the way they had to forfeit the match. With the policy that no final shall be determined in this manner, the league management drafted Exhibitions opponents from the previous round, the Valhallen Vixens, into the match. Despite the short notice, the ladies from the north battled hard but could not overcome the reigning champions. In the end the Corsairs defeated them 2-0 with 88,000 screaming fans in attendance.

Due to the format of the Pepslay Challenge, the winner was always going to be undetermined until all the matches had been played. Now that the dust has settled it looks like the final round match between the Loren Rangers and the Innsmouth Shadows determined the final result. With most people in attendance convinced that the Rangers would walk all over the Necromantic Shadows, it came as a shock when the match ended in a 2 all draw! The outcome allowed the Rangers to claim their first HDWSBBL Championship in 3 seasons and slotted the Shadows into a surprise 2nd place, giving the Shadows their first taste of silverware here in the league!

The Final of the Championship IV was a more routine, but still spectacular affair. By the time of the final, both teams, the Corsairs and the Rangers, had already picked up one Championship Cup this season. The Corsairs where looking for their historic second double and the Rangers where determined to finally lay their hands on the HDWSBBL Championship cup. In a fierce battle, the Corsairs eventually came out on top in a 3-1 victory against the veteran Wood Elves, once again cementing their place at the top of the League.

The final of the Slammer Shield was always going to set a record. On one side was the Tail Slammers, the very team that a season before had dropped to a new depth which resulted in the very competition they fought for being named in their honour. Their opponents where the Beaumont Blitzers, the reigning HDWSBBL Shield Champions and arguably pound for pound the greatest team never to win a major HDWSBBL Championship. With both teams using there trademark offensive capabilities, it was a great match for all 66,000 fans watching. In the end though it was the Slammers who defeated the Blitzers 3-2, ending their amazing turn around and becoming the first team in HDWSBBL History to win a Competition named after themselves!

After all that action, the Corsairs have once again cemented themselves as the best team in HDWSBBL History. Not only where they the first team to successfully defend their Championships, but they where the first team to pull of double more then once and the first team to do so two seasons in a row!

We are not convinced that we will ever see a season like the one just past but we imagine that the teams are already in training ready for the next season, hoping to outdo the exploits of this seasons record breaking teams.

Congratulations to the Corsairs, Rangers and Slammers, your names are now for ever linked with victory in the HDWSBBL history books.

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