Open Scramble 2509/10 Review

Better late then never, as with previous years now that the Open Scramble 2509/10 is complete we take a look back at the Competition and announce the teams and players who won awards. This will be the first in a series of articles that will cover the four competitions and the 2509/10 Season itself.

The 2509/10 Season began with the Open Scramble 2509/10, the fourth competition to determine the HDWSBBL League Champions.

As with previous years, the 18 teams (a new record for the HDWSBBL) where separated into 4 divisions, North, South, East and West. Each of the 4 divisions would crown their own divisional champion who would then face off to determine who would be the seasons HDWSBBL League Champion.

North Season contained the veteran teams the Corsairs, Tail Slammers, Shadows, Wee Tree Fellows and the returning Deadheads. From the start most pundits expected the Corsairs to demolish the opposing teams. While they where eventually crowned the North Division Champions (and eventual winners of the Open Scramble) they had a rocky start as the other teams in the division stepped up their tactics to match. Actual victories by the Tail Slammers and an overall improvement from the Shadows certainly made North Division something special to watch this year.

South Division consisted of four rookie teams (Flesh Grinders, Predators, Bile Blitzers and the Orcland Cleavers) and the former League Champions the Loren Rangers. As expected the Rangers got off to an amazing start scoring 20 touchdowns in their first three games! The other teams had an unforgettable breaking in period but regrouped and made names for themselves with both the Predators and Grinders establishing themselves as teams to watch out for during the rest of the season. Ultimately the Rangers cam out on top with the Predators not too far behind.

East Division contained most of the leagues Powerhouses. With the Beaumont Blitzers, the newly reincarnated Jackles and the aptly named Atrocity Exhibition present, the agile McCauligh Reavers never stood much of a chance. Atrocity soon began to punish the teams and inflicted injuries from which they never recovered. The Beaumont Blitzers continued to adapt to handling the ball (as opposed to flattening the opposition) and showed great form. Despite suffering horrendous causalities from Atrocity, the Reavers managed to come in second, and the Jackles… It looks like that some teams will never have much luck, even with a god of death on their side!

The final Division was West Division. Four season veterans Ragnars Swift Velocity where expected to dominate against the returning Maneaters, the all female Vixens and the rookie Bar Fly’s, but Nuffle had other Ideas. The Vixens quickly dispatched their veteran opponents and secured their place at the top of the table. Second place was determined by the battles between RSV and the Man Eaters with both reluctant to miss out on a spot in the Championship. Matters where not helped by the Bar Fly’s dropping out of the season early on, costing both teams valuable points.

The Knock out stages saw some good matches. The two veteran Divisional champions, both former HDWSBBL League Champions (Rangers and the Corsairs) faced off and the two rookie teams (Atrocity and the Vixens) lined up to get into the final. In the clash between the former Champions, both teams fought hard to get a chance at being the first team to win the HDWSBBL League Cup for a second time. In the end it was the Corsairs who managed to win the day, citing all their hard training after their rough Divisional stages as the reason for their win. In the other match, the Vixens shook their arses as much as they could to distract the Undead but Atrocity had none of it and promptly dispatched them from the running.

The final game saw a surprising twist. On the day of the match, Atrocity announced that they could not make it to the stadium in time due to their transport taking them to the wrong venue. By pure coincidence the Vixens where at the stadium in their kit willing to play. The commissioners made a last minute decision to let the Vixens play (rather then hand the Corsairs the cup via forfeit). The Vixens might have been slightly overwhelmed by the moment but they put up a good fight. In the end though the reigning HDWSBBL league champions finished them off in a thrilling 2-0 victory to cement themselves in HDWSBBL History.

By its conclusion, the Open Scramble 2510/11 became the largest competition the HDWSBBL has ever seen with many records tumbling.

No competition would be complete without some awards being handed out!

  • HDWSBBL League Cup Winner: Karond Kar Corsairs (Dark Elf)
  • HDWSBBL League Cup Runner-Up: Valhallen Vixen’s (Norse)
  • North Division Champions: Karond Kar Corsairs (Dark Elf)
  • East Division Champions: Atrocity Exhibition (Undead)
  • South Division Champions: The Loren Rangers (Wood Elf)
  • West Division Champions: Valhallen Vixen’s (Norse)
  • Team with most Touch Downs: The Loren Rangers with 37 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 28 by the Karond Kar Corsairs in the Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Team with most Casualties: Karond Kar Corsairs with 22 (Current Record record is 27 set by the Karond Kar Corsairs in the Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Team with most Completions: We Tree Fellows with 44 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 31 set by the Loren Rangers in the Open Scramble 2506/07)
  • Team with most Interceptions: Joint between the Karond Kar Corsairs and the Grappler Flesh Grinders with 2 (Current Record record is 3 set by Tutbone Re-United in the Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Player of the Competition: Viktor (Runner) of the Valhallen Vixens with 49 SSP (NEW RECORD, previous record was 44 set by Takarath Balefire of the Karond Kar Corsairs during the Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Player with most Touch Downs: Caneran Everlong (Catcher) of The Loren Rangers with 15 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 12 set by Fredrick Roeder of Ragnars Swift Velocity the Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Player with most Casualties: Joint between Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf – The Innsmouth Shadows) and Lashiform (Rat Ogre – Tail Slammers) with 6 (matched existing record set by Vorak Headsplitter of the Karak Smashers during the Open Scramble 2507/08)
  • Player with most Completions: Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) of the Loren Rangers with 32 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 20 set by Erison Youngwhite of the Loren Rangers in the Open Scramble 2507/08)

And for you statistics freaks:

  • 66 games played in total
  • 249 Touchdowns Scored (Average of 3.8 per match)
  • 178 Casualties caused (Average of 2.7 per match)
  • 254 Completions made (Average of 3.8 per match)
  • 8 successful Interceptions (Average of 0.1 per match, or one every 8.3 matches)
  • Match with Highest Attendance: Karond Kar Corsairs 2 vs Valhallen Vixens 0 (Final) with 88,000 fans on the 7th April 2510.
  • Match with Highest Attendance (non final or Semi): The Loren Rangers 3 vs Grappler Flesh Grinders 0 (South Division) with 41,000 fans on the 26th November 2509.

If you have any comments or specific memories from the competition, let everyone know in the comments below.

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