Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 Review

As Promised, the review of the Competitions from the past season continues with a look back at the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10

As with previous years, the competition of the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup received both a new sponsor in the form of Pepslay (“can you taste the difference?”) and a new format. Gone was the knock-out tournament and in its place was the first Round Robin competition. Designed to test the teams over four gruelling rounds, each team was to be lined up against their equal so the best could be identified and the worst could be encouraged to do better (or as Gerhard put it, “worst identified so they could be lined up and shot).

The Competition saw some interesting matches including at one point the entire West Division occupying the bottom 4 positions on the league table! It is hard to single out a particular round as being better then the rest. From the very first match to the last the action was intense with upsets occurring all over the place. The following review will hopefully give a glimpse of all the action that took place!

The first round will forever be remembered here in the HDWSBBL. In the day now known as the “Day of Death” 8 brave souls lost their lives in some of the most violent Blood Bowl the league has ever witnessed. Amongst the fallen was the Legendary Crownstar from the Rangers (who at the time was the best player in the leagues history), the (in)famous Spider-Rat of the Tail Slammers and Corsair Assassin Venonblade. In addition to the deaths, over 31 other players received serious injuries resulting in various teams having to adapt over their next few games!

Apart from the deaths, the 1st round as also notable for the largest winning difference in HDWSBBL history as the Rangers danced around the Man Eaters to a 7-0 victory! However it came at a massive cost as three players died and more where crippled which slowed the Rangers steps for a while.

Other highlights of the 1st round saw the first ever time that two HDWSBBL Championship Cup winning teams had faced off as the Corsairs took on RSV. RSV has been off form for some time but they took on the challenge of the League and Championship cup champions with great passion. Unfortunately for them, the Corsairs proved to be the better team and won the match.

The Second Round saw the Jackles pick up their first win against the Tail Slammers who, up until that point, had not been having a bad season. This started some good form for the Jackles who performed better in this competition then any other this season. RSV also managed to pick up a win against the Vixen’s, who up until that point had managed to defeat them on each encounter.

The third round saw the Rangers and the Corsairs clash for the first time this season. In an upset for the books the Corsairs where defeated by the eventual winners of the Pepslay. For once in the leagues proud history, there was no match fixing, no bribes, just good old fashioned Blood Bowl.

As the final round approached, many where surprised to see the Innsmouthn Shadows near the top! Considering their form in the league, it was amazing to see them so high at the top of the Pepslay Standings. In what turned out to be the match that determined the winner, the Shadows tried every trick in the book to defeat the Rangers. From bribing the ref, camera man, sideline officials and a good chunk of the crowd, to using illegal potions, extra spikes and some solid skulduggery the Shadows made most Goblin teams look like Sunday league teams. While the plotting never brought them victory it did get them a draw against the Rangers, almost costing them the Challenge Cup win.

The Corsairs where denied for a spot on the “podium” by the Predators who scored a victory against Atrocity Exhibition (people paying attention will note that they won via forfeit due to Atrocity’s transport having more issues). The final round also saw what could have been the last match that RSV took part in. After a dismal performance against the Tail Slammers, the pitch was invaded and the crazed fans destroyed everything they could get their hands on!

In all, the Pepslay challenge was a great success. The Sponsor for this season has now been lined up (although we cannot confirm it just yet) and it looks like the format will once again follow the Round Robin format.

No competition would be complete without some awards being handed out!

  • HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Winner: The Loren Rangers (Wood Elves)
  • HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Runner-Up: The Innsmouth Shadows (Necromantic)
  • HDWSBBL Challenge Cup 3rd place: Teotigua Predators (Lizardmen)
  • HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Wooden Spoon: Orcland Cleavers (Orcs)
  • Team with most Touch Downs: The Loren Rangers with 16 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 14 by
    Ragnars Swift Velocity during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Team with most Casualties: Tie between Ragnars Swift Velocity, The Innsmouth Shadows and the Grappler Flesh Grinders with 12 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 9 by Ragnars Swift Velocity during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Team with most Completions: The Loren Rangers with 15 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 13 by the Lustrian Snake Queens during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Team with most Interceptions: Karond Kar Corsairs with 3 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 2 by Tutbone Re-United during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Player of the Competition: Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) of Karond Kar Corsairs with 26 SSP (NEW RECORD, previous record was 24 set by Fredrick Roeder (Ragnars Swift Velocity) / Daphne Cylindrophilidae (Lustrien Snake Queens) during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Player with most Touch Downs: Caneran Everlong (Catcher) of The Loren Rangers with 8 (matched current record set by Fredrick Roeder of Ragnars Swift Velocity during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Player with most Casualties: Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) of The Innsmouth Shadows with 5 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 2 set by Boros Heartripper of the Karak Smashers during the PitRat Cup 2507/08)
  • Player with most Completions: Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) of the Loren Rangers with 13 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 7 set by Pheobe Elapsoidae of the Lustrian Snake Queens during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)
  • Player with most Interceptions: Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) of Karond Kar Corsairs with 3 (NEW RECORD, previous record was 2 set by Jansen Ornoff of Ragnars Swift Velocity during the ZombWay Cup 2508/09)

And for you statistics freaks:

  • 36 games played in total
  • 121 Touchdowns Scored (Average of 3.4 per match)
  • 98 Casualties caused (Average of 2.7 per match)
  • 104 Completions made (Average of 2.9 per match)
  • 6 successful Interceptions (Average of 0.2 per match, or one every 6 matches)
  • Match with Highest Attendance: The Loren Rangers 4 vs Karond Kar Corsairs 3 (3rd Round) with 45,000 fans on the 2nd February 2510.
  • Match with most Touchdowns: The Man Eaters 0 vs The Loren Rangers 7 (1st Round) with 7 on the 14th of October 2509 (matched 1 time)
  • Match with most Casualties: The Man Eaters vs The Loren Rangers (1st Round) with 9 on the 14th of October 2509
  • Team with most Touchdowns (single match): The Loren Rangers (against The Man Eaters) with 7 on the 14th of October 2509
  • Team with most Casualties (single match): The Man Eaters (against The Loren Rangers) with 6 on the 14th of October 2509 (matched 1 time)

If you have any comments or specific memories from the competition, let everyone know in the comments below.

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