Retiring teams (2510 edition) Part 1

With the cut off date for team registrations passed we can now look to confirm who is returning, who is leaving us and who is joining us! This first in the series details some of the teams who will not be returning this season.

Ragnars Swift Velocity

It came as a surprise to many of us here but it looks like one of the rounding teams of the HDWSBBL will not be returning.

After four seasons in the HDWSBBL, RSV has been disbanded by their management due to the poor form witnessed over the course of the 2509/10 season. Although none of their players were killed during the riot that signalled the end of their career here in the HDWSBBL, they feel it is time to move on before the multiple Death Threats become a reality.

As a long standing team, we should really go on and list their accomplishments over the last four seasons but Gerhard has promised to come out of Hibernation to give them a fitting send off as he knew them so well!

The Valhallen Vixen’s

While the Vixen’s failed to win any Championship Cups last season, their debut season was still a success. They won West Division of the Open Scramble 2509/10 outright and managed to come second in the final.

Many of the male fans around here will be heartbroken to learn that the Ladies will be taking a short break from the HDWSBBL. However they may be interested in learning that the Vixen’s are taking a season out in order to help “re-populate” some of the northern Norse villages. We imagine that every available horse will be occupied over the next few months as several thousand fans head up to support them. Just remember to keep watching the games gentlemen!

The Grappler Flesh Grinders

After an impressive debut season, the Flesh Grinders are departing. Being placed in South Division with the Loren Rangers quickly brought their skill level up and many fans had high hopes that this season would be the year that the Grinders would make it big.

We have no official word on what the team will be doing but we the un-orcish Orc team the best for the future.

Ruskin Arms Bar Flys

Little was known about them then, and little is known about them now! The Bar Flys played only a handful of games here in the HDWSBBL before their sudden withdrawal in the early stages of last season. Wherever they are, we wish them the best.

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