Returning teams (2510 edition) Part 1

Following on from the 1st batch of retiring teams, we now present the first set of announced returning teams. Warning, the below may induce shock and/or repulsion!

The Middenhein Manhunters

Yes, you read that right. After legally being declared dead, the entire team has returned from nowhere! This founding team of the HDWSBBL has been hiding from view from the entire world in order to relearn the game (and lets face it, they needed to!).

They appear eager to get back onto the pitch and complete all that unfinished business that they left behind with the sudden departure over a year ago. We are already looking forward to their first game against the Tail Slammers and the Shadows. It will be fun to watch them once again.

Teotigua Predators

The little lizards who can are back for another shot of the Championship. After a rough start last season the Predators quickly pulled themselves together and made a name for themselves by advancing through to the semi-finals of the Championship IV and making it to a place where many more experienced teams failed to go.

With only a few roster tweaks due to players retiring, the Predators are hoping to have a good season, and their Head Coach is hoping that his life will be extended for just another few months.

The Innsmouth Shadows

The Shadows could be the team to watch this season. After gradually learning their craft over the last 2 seasons it looks like the Shadows have finally pulled it together. With one of the most violent players in the leagues history on their side, they could easily be taking home a championship or two this season.

The Tail Slammers

The Tail Slammers are back to prove their doubters wrong. After making such a massive improvement from their debut season they managed to win the Competition named after themselves! In what could be another record season for them the Slammers are lined up to take on new and familiar faces. Just remember that they always have a plan to win, no matter the cost.

The Tutsbone Jackles

The Jackles have returned. Their Patron God Anubis has granted them another chance to live up to his expectations and prove to the HDWSBBL what a mighty force the Khemri can be. To these ends Anubis has granted them a new pool of player types to pull from. It is only a matter of time before a mighty Tomb Guardian stalks the pitches of the League, looking for souls to take back to their masters.


  1. “With one of the most violent players in the leagues history on their side, they could easily be taking home a championship or two this season.”

    Well, you’ve Jinxed it now Gerhard.

    But seriously, of all of the returning teams this season, the everpresent threat of the Loren Rangers notwithstanding, the ones I would watch out for are the Tail Slammers, you just don’t make that sort of win-loss ratio turn around on luck alone.

    That said, I’ve never played the Predators to date, so to me they’re somewhat of an unknown quantity to me. A scrimmage line entirely consisting of St4 is worrying, but I don’t think his Saurus’s have quite the skilled abilities of my Flesh Golems Elliot and Charles Dexter, toss in a Zombie with Guard and I reckon I could easily hold the line, after that it’s just a question of seeing if I can knobble enough skinks to score.

    As for the Manhunters… we have issues to resolve with the Manhunters.
    And they WILL be resolved.

    1. Thanks for the telling off, but I didn’t write the above! (I wrote my praise in my own article 😀 ). You write a good summary though. Keep your eyes off my job.

      I think you are one of many coaches who are lining up to have words with the Manhunters. They have left a few teams, players and gamblers unhappy over the years!

      Oh, and from the Predator re-introduction

      With only a few roster tweaks due to players retiring

      Thats Minotaur Crap. I have a very good aim. You cannot retire with a bullet in your head.

      1. I dunno Gerhard, I’m pretty sure I saw the Beaumont Blitzer’s Troll lose his whole head to a cannonball* once and just walk it off.

        *I’ve got nothing against an armed crowd you understand, it’s a fine blood bowl tradition, but I do think there needs to be a limit. I mean Knives, Clubs, Pick-Axes, hand grenades yes, but you’ve got to ask how much of the game you’re going to see if you’ve got to look after a great cannon. Plus you’re obstructing the view of the people behind you.
        I remember the old days where any weapon was allowed as long as you could conceal it. It led to some great scenes from the crowd back in the day, like the time those 3 skaven wore a pantomime horse costume so they could sneak a Jezzail in.
        Great days man, great days.

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