Retiring teams (2510 edition) Part 2

With a heavy heart we have to announce that the following teams will not be participating in the upcoming season. Some big names here!

Karond Kar Corsairs

Unbelievable as it seams the most decorated team in HDWSBBL history is leaving us! After two season which saw them capture four major Championships and break a whole host or records they are moving on. The reason for the resignation is currently unknown. Seeing as they where not the most talkative bunch around, the league was informed by reading a note attached to a decapitated head which was nailed to our front door. The head was wearing a Blood Bowl Helmet so if anybody is missing any players let us know!

With these legends gone, it leaves a gaping hole at the top of the league which will allow one of the other teams to step up and become champions. Now is the time for the other teams to up their game and prove their dominance before the Corsairs return. One thing is for sure, the virgins of the old world will sleep a bit more soundly knowing that they are not going to be sacrificed in yet another championship winning celebration.

Beaumont Blitzers

The mean green fighting machines have decided to take a break for a while. Unlike most pundits predicted, the team didn’t end up taking on a giant and getting killed. In fact the truth is much stranger then that!

Their Linesmen Mega-Hurtz opened up a cart rental business days before the Vixens announced their re-population plans (see their leaving entry the other day for details). He quickly made his fortune and the rest of the team decided the throw in the towel to join him.

The league will miss the Goblins flying through the air, the sound of crunching bones and the “green scrimmage conga line” (as Gerhard once said) that defines the Blitzers plays. Many feel as though they didn’t get a chance to reach their full potential in the league so hopefully one day they will be back to get the trophies they deserve.

Drackwald Deadheads

As suddenly as they returned, they have again left. This transient team has used up all of their necromancers energy for the time being and are being put into slumber until Bob Pasty wants to have another go at the game.

They had a good run this season managing to make it into the Championship IV. If / when they next return they will be a team to watch out for, from a very comfortable chair.

Atrocity Exhibition

Like the many destructive forces of nature, Atrocity have dispersed. After claiming many lives during their debut season Atrocity have moved onto different things. During the course of the season they caused more damage them most of the other teams put together but where ultimately denied victory when they missed several key games due to their transport going to the wrong places.

The paranoid people in the league wonder if they where hiring their transport carts from Mega-Hurtz but we are sure it was just a coincidence…

Mc Cauligh Reavers

The purple and blue attack has decided to call it a day. This once proud team was used to sitting at the top of the league but all that changed after a string of bad games early on last season which saw them decimated. From there they never really recovered but we shall always remember their glory days when looking back on the Reavers.


  1. You know, I really do hope Bob Pasty is putting his team to bed. It amuses me to think of him tucking his Flesh Golems into bed and making sure the werewolves have gone to the toilet before being locked in for the night.

    “NO Peter, get of Kenny’s bed! Fernando, get out the bath and put your pyjamas on! No Javier, you are not hungry, you only had your brains an hour ago” etc

    Oh and I am heartbroken that my lovely Seravina Spite is leaving us. You have my number babe, call me. Big G xx

    1. Actually, putting a Necromantic team to bed is actually much simpler affair than this, you just need a really heavy spade and a desire to break heads with it until they get the message.
      Plus it helps that both of my werewolves spend most of their time unconcious/asleep anyway but enough about that.

      As for what happened to the KKC, I’ve heard rumours that in the final championship matches SOMEBODY may have attempted to turn the entire team into frogs only for it to go HORRIBLY WRONG (TM).
      Pay close attention this years “new” Slaan Team, I have my suspicions.
      And before you point the finger of blame at me, I should point out that the No-Wizard-Contracts-for-Necromancers Ruling was still in effect until late this pre-season.

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