Returning teams (2510 edition) Part 2

We are pleased to announce that the following teams will also be returning to the HDWSBBL for another Season.

The Loren Rangers

Now entering their fifth season in the HDWSBBL, The Loren Rangers are deeply embedded within the leagues history. These multiple time champions are back to finish what they started all those years ago and prove they are the most dominating team in the Leagues History.

Having won both the HDWSBBL League cup and the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup, the Rangers will most likely be setting their sights on the only Major championship they have not won, the HDWSBBL Championship Cup. With multiple stars on their team they certainly have the players to take them there. We will just have to wait and see if this is the season where their destiny is finally fulfilled.

And yes, that is Gerhard you can hear screaming in his office.

Orcland Cleavers

The Cleavers are back and must be looking to improve their record from last season which ended with them coming in last in the Pepslay Challenge and getting this years HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them.

Now they are a no longer the new rookies on the block we are looking to see a massive improvement. They might be taking tips from the Tail Slammers on how to make such a massive turn around (now that’s something we never expected to write!).

Wee Tree Fellows

The Pros are back in the league for their 3rd successive season. The highlight for them last season was stealing the Rangers thunder by winning the team with most completions. Hopefully the team has learnt that there is more to the game then passing the ball though and they will start to pick up the wins on a regular basis.


  1. Haha yes! You thought you got away with it didn’t you!? yes well here we are back again. You lucky boys and girls!

  2. So when are the rest of the reviews coming in Gerhard “Snicker”
    At least we haven’t bottled it like your “Golden Boys” would of been nice to thrash them into the ground.

  3. we have to agree with jordan would of been nice if our last season in the league we were able to beat RSV up abit especially the ogre.

    1. You!? Ha! Don’t kid yourself you stinking rats. For a team who is placed the best loser, you sure to be proud of yourselfs. WE both (RSV) are championship ledgends. Although you did beat them “Snickers”

  4. and in both games the ogre did fall to a single rat on his own. i belive that still haunts the ogre in its dreams.

    p.s. hey do ogres actuly dream

    1. It’s a shame that Bowl-Gusher didn’t actually send any of your rats to the bone yard. They need it with all this cockyness.

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