New Team Introductions (2510 edition)

Here at the HDWSBBL, we are pleased to announce that some new teams are joining us to replace the teams who have departed from the league. We hope you welcome them with open arms!

Damage Inc – Chaos Pact

Claiming to be from “your worst nightmare” come Damage Inc. In reality these bunch of thugs come from the frozen wastes of the North. Lead by Evor Bloodgusher (whose hobbies include strangling kittens and kicking disabled people), this rampaging band of marauders have come to take your championships, your women and your eternal soul. Don’t worry if you don’t like them, the feeling is more then mutual!

Formed from some of the best the players the mortal warriors of Chaos can offer, this team will soon be terrorizing the pitches of the HDWSBBL. Having formed a pact with the four dark Gods of Chaos, it is unknown what terrors they will bring with them.

They have invited us all along to their games to enjoy the frenzied atmosphere and the free beer*. It is best to leave before the post match ceremony though unless you wish to be part of the sacrifice to the dark Gods!

*Please note the beer is not free. By consuming said beer you give your soul to Chaos for eternity.

Wherethehellarewe Tribe – Halflings

The first Halfling team in HDWSBBL history are a curious bunch. Hailing from the jungles of the Southlands these Halflings have gone back to their roots. Decked in their grass skirts and tribal war paint the Wherethehellarewe Tribe are a throwback to the Halflings Pigmy roots.

Their origins stem from when Chief Rotten Belly, Leader of the tribe, left the area he once called home, and with fourteen of his best warriors, and a healer, decided to go and discover the world.

But to a small braveling, things can go from bad to worse, very quickly. Earthquakes, flash floods and ambushes. These things scared the wanderers into long grass, before they had realised, the grass had surrounded them on all sides.

They wandered for days. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, not entirely sure if they were walking in circles, back and forth, it all looked the same! They ventured on, suddenly, a break in the grass lead a clear path to civilisation!

The tribe emerged, taking in their new surroundings, what are these markings on the ground, why are all these people here, very odd?

A concerned landowner approached Chief Rotten Belly and asked him where he was from, to which Rotten Belly simply replied “Where in the hell are we?”

The Landowner told them they had arrived at a great time, the reservation was hosting the pre season Blood Bowl qualifiers! They were just getting underway and as luck would have it, one of the reigning teams had pulled out and there was an open spot!

It had been years since any of the bravelings had played, but filled with great relief to be out of the grass agreed to play. Their scorecard read, the Whereinthehellarewe Tribe, of the reservation bowl.

They went on to win the pre-season qualifiers, and were granted a spot in the HDWSBBL. With the money they had won from the matches, they hired two giant guardians to guide and guard the team.

The Brewers – Human

The Brewers are a human team from a traditional Empire city. The Brewers started life as a Sunday team to keep the employees of a local Brewery distracted from all the death and diseases that its employees often suffered.

Recently the Brewery’s owners lost all of his money on his gambling habit. With no other choice he made the decision to push the team as a professional team and hope to reap in some cash from sponsorship deals and Cabalvision rights. With no money to purchase proper equipment for the team they had to sell large chunks of the Brewery off to private firms with the provision that they will buy them back once the team makes it big.

The Brewers are fighting for the jobs, their homes and their lives in a high risk publicity stunt!

Gundhelm Gemcutters – Dwarf

Like most Dwarves, the Gundhelm Gemcutters have a mighty big grudge. These foul tempered, grumpy, devious and downright vicious Dwarves have come to take some of the glory for themselves.

Fed up with watching Elves and other tall races win all the Championship gold, the Gemcutters are here to cut the other teams down to size with their oversized boots and massive fists. These are not the type of Dwarves that would leave a princess smiling for long.

Brimstone Flayers – Dark Elf

Originally, the Flayers were a unit within a vast Dark Elf Warhost. During a battle between their natural nemesis the High Elves they got within striking distance of the High Elf General. A High Elf mage cast a teleportation spell on them to remove the threat but too much magic was used and a warp portal was opened up sending the unit half way around the Old World!

The Flayers found themselves standing in the middle of a Blood Bowl game between Halflings and Goblins. Fancying their chances the Flayers charged into both teams and tore them apart! They were signed up on the spot by an observing promoter and their Blood Bowl career began.

Coming from a highly trained military unit, the Flayers are a team to watch out for, especially considering the reputation of the other Dark Elf teams the HDWSBBL has bore witness to.

Lustria Leapers – Slann

The Lustria Leapers are not the typical Slann that you read about in the text books found in most Empire state schools. Throw out your images of short obese magical frogs because the Leapers are tall, lean and mean.

It is still not clear what has brought this team to the HDWSBBL. Maybe they have been attracted by the news of the success of the Predators or maybe they have seen our footage broadcast across the globe by Sly Sports? Only time will tell on that one.

Looking at their warm-up footage it is clear that the Leapers play like no other team that the HDWSBBL has ever seen. We are certainly going to see a few surprised faces when they finally make their debut.

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