Open Scramble draw results and fixtures

With a room packed full of people, the Draw for the Open Scramble 2510/11 took place last night. With most teams being represented by their coaches it was a sight to behold.

With only 14 teams taking part in this years competition there have been a few alterations to the format. The plan was to run with only three divisions but the coaches present threatened violence unless a much simpler approach be used! Bowing to public demand, the commissioners have decided to run with only two Divisions this season (North and South), each containing seven teams.

Each team will play the other in its division once and the final standings will determine who gets to take part in the Championship V and in the Slammer Shield. Only the top two teams will play each other to determine this seasons HDWSBBL League champions (there will be no semi-finals – you win your division or go home empty handed). Games will still take place every two weeks but due to an odd number in each division, one coach will have to sit out each week.

Now we have that out of the way, we proudly present the results of the draw for the Open Scramble 2510/11:

North Division

South Division

This will be an interesting season! The fixtures are also available on the fixtures page and each teams line-up is also available on their own team pages. Please take a look through now and let us know if you cannot make any of the dates so we can re-arrange them.

Good luck to all teams.

We will be back in a day or two to announce something interesting. In the mean time, I am sure Gerhard will grace us with his presence to give his predictions.


  1. it was bound to happen that us and the preditors had a very messy frendly game, that we get drawn for the first games against each other.

  2. Just to pre-empt Gerhard I predict the Tail Slammers vs the Rangers in the final.

    Still have to get used to Wednesday games, or is the fixtures list going to be revised?

    1. Good catch! There is a slight bug in the system thanks to changing timezones around the world. I must fix that at some point.

      Until then, add one day to each of the fixtures:-D

  3. ooooo and what bout the renegad elves in chaos pact being AG 6, and macbigone i think you have had a few to many to come up with that prediction.

  4. I return from my holiday (to answer your questions: Allright if you like clock tower bells all the time, not really, no because that’s a really touristy thing to do, probably had better over here and no I was basically pulled backwards at high speed through holland all the way to london.) to see my fixtures only to discover that I’ve got fucking elves as my debut match.
    And then inspect closer and realise it’s just WTF and go “oh, all right then.”

    But seriously, looking at my division, It’s clear that it’s now or never for the Shadows. No Loren Rangers, no Carl with Dwarves, no Slaan or Dark Elves, the only Orc Team is the one who got this years Ladder competion named after them, a halfling team and a new human team with a coach who has never played the actual game before two weeks ago.
    If this division does NOT come down to me, the Predators, or the Tail Slammers, I’ll be very suprised.

    I just feel sorry for the Jackles.

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