Announcing the Team News Network (TNN)

Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work developing the latest addition to the HDWSBBL family, the HDWSBBL Team News Network.

The Team News Network is a collection of sites that are run by the coaches themselves to provide “the latest team news, in their own words”. The main site of the network will pull together the latest news and entries from the networked sites. As mentioned above each site will be run by the coaches who will have free reign to post the news, match comments, general comments or anything they feel like relating to their team.

For this launch, we only have a few blogs on there; The archive of the RSV site (don’t worry if you didn’t know it existed before), the Loren Rangers and three guinea pigs in the form of The Innsmouth Shadows, the Predators and Damage Inc. Content is available now so please feel free to explore and comment.

If you would like to be a part of the network then drop me an email. We do ask that you can make an entry at least once a month to keep things fresh. Things are developing quickly at the moment so initially, there will only be basic features and designs available but things will quickly improve and be integrated with the main site here so keep watching.

Hope you enjoy your new create output!



  1. I’m sure there will be many posts from ESP the Elven Sports Program (We know what you want) covering the ‘fantastic’ We Tree Fellows and maybe even the other Elven teams, just to keep JoJo happy.

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