A Look at the Returning Teams

Tonight will see the opening matches of the 2510/11 Season of the HDWSBBL. We thought that before the games begin we would take a look at the returning teams and see what is motivating them this season. In order of Team Value we have:

The Loren Rangers

Even those living under a rock for the last few years will know of the Rangers. They are now the only team to have taken part in every HDWSBBL Season since its inception. The Rangers have won 2 Major HDWSBBL Championships (the HDWSBBL League Cup and the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup) and have qualified for the annual HDWSBBL Championship cup tournament every year.

Their unquestionable goal this season is to finally take home the HDWSBBL Championship cup and become the first team in HDWSBBL history to win all three majors. Being one of only two returning teams in South Division, they have a good chance to making it once again into the Championship Cup tournament for a fifth successive year.

Middenhein Manhunters

The Manhunters have spent the last 12 months training hard for their comeback. They are certainly veterans in the league now having taken part in the inaugural season of the HDWSBBL and all but one of the following seasons.

They are known for their bad luck on the pitch and a head coach that never speaks in public but they plan on changing that this season by proving their (many) doubters wrong by finally taking home a HDWSBBL Championship. As the second biggest team in South Divison, they might finally do just that.

The Innsmouth Shadows

The Shadows now enter their third consecutive season here in the HDWSBBL. Last season they got their first taste of championship glory when they surprised the league by coming second in the Pepslay Challenge. They are notorious for performing badly in the league competition but then pulling out all the stops in the other competitions.

They won’t have that luxury this season though. With a level playing field it is now do or die time for the Shadows. If they ever want to enter their name in the HDWSBBL history books as champions then they must be on top of their game from the start.

Orcland Cleavers

The Orcland Cleavers must only have one goal in mind, redemption. After suffering badly at the hands of the Rangers last season they entered a slump that saw them come last in the Pepslay Challenge and have this seasons HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them. Now they are no longer a rookie Orc team they should begin to establish some momentum and quickly rise to the top of the division.

Teotigua Predators

The Predators are a fan favourite this season. Their die hard “Pred Heads” are confident that their team can build on their impressive debut season and take home a championship. The statistics and figures are certainly in their favour but it remains to be seen if “The best lizardmen team in the history of the HDWSBBL” can back up their fans expectations and firmly establish Lixardmen teams as a credible threat.

Tail Slammers

The Tail Slammers where once written of as just another Skaven team. During their first season they where beaten so badly and constantly that they managed to break every record going for losing streaks, Touchdowns conceded in a Season and lowest win percentage. However last season they got their act together and became one of the most interesting teams to watch by winning the HDWSBBL Shield competition that was named after themselves! Now in their third (and final) season, can the Tail Slammers finally complete the come back of the ages and win a major HDWSBBL Championship? Many believe they can.

We Tree Fellows

The Wee Tree Fellows are often derided in these parts. Being the Elves that they are they like to keep to themselves and practise. It is wise not to underestimate this 3rd season team though as they have a proven track record of managing to place the ball exactly where they want it (unless the target is in the End Zone). WTF could be a surprise wild card this season in North Division.

The Tutsbone Jackles

The Jackles can trace their history in the HDWSBBL back to the 2507/08 Season when they where known as Tutsbone Re-United. This Khemri team has undergone a number of changes over the years in ever more daring attempts to win a championship. This season they have some new surprises in store for the league and they have proven in the past that when fate is against them, they will find a way to triumph.

Good luck to all the teams. Destiny is calling, who will answer it?

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