Introducing the Spite Challenge 2510/11

It has been a while since any updates have been posted around here due to various hectic real life issues but now we are in a position to announce the next upcoming competition here in the HDWSBBL, the Spite Challenge 2510/11.

Following on from its previous incarnations as the PitRat Cup, The ZombWay Cup and most recently the Pepslay Challenge, the Spite Challenge will be for the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup.

Now in its fourth year the Challenge Cup is one of the three Major HDWSBBL Championships that a team can win in the league. Like last year, the competition will be in a round robin format with the positions in the competition determining who their opponent will be. There will be four rounds of competition resulting in four games for each of the participating teams. Teams will be awarded points based on the following:

  • Win – 30 points
  • Draw – 10 point
  • Loss – 0 points

Teams will be ordered using the following: Points, Touchdown Difference, Causality Difference, Touchdowns for, Causalities for, Touchdowns against, Causalities against and then finally completions and Interceptions. Should the unthinkable happen and two teams end up tied after all that, they will be sorted alphabetically!

The first round of the competition is fast approaching and will be taking place on the 11th of November. Unlike previous years there will be NO draw to determine the first round matches! Instead, due to the fact we have two divisions with a equal number of teams, the first round matches will be as follows:

  • 1st place in North Division vs 1st place in South Division
  • 2nd place in North Division vs 2nd place in South Division
  • 3rd place in North Division vs 3rd place in South Division
  • 4th place in North Division vs 4th place in South Division
  • 5th place in North Division vs 5th place in South Division

Obviously, matches will be taking place next week so the fixtures will be confirmed after the results of next weeks matches have processed.

The overall winner will receive a bonus of 60,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 30,000gp.

Good Luck to all the teams.


  1. I’m STILL not convinced about the ladder format, plus a lot of people are behind games thanks to both James and Dom giving people the runaround. The fact that they need to replay their own game doesn’t help either.

    In any case, I’m pretty sure I’m playing the Jackals in the first round from the looks of things, which should be interesting.

    1. Thank you negative Nelly:-D

      After inputting last weeks games, it looks like you are up against the Flayers. We will not know for sure until this weeks games have been played (which will hopefully include the James / Donald rematch – of which I look to be playing the loser)!

  2. not sure if this message will get where it needs to go but our owners of the brewers have reconfirmed they will be attending tonights blood bath (17/2)

    lets hope it can be a win for the boozers as we’ve added an extra punch to the waterboys special concoction

    apologies for the mess around

    meine handi (callum)

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