30 Games for the Manhunters!

It has been a long time coming but the Manhunters finally played their 30th match here in the HDWSBBL a few weeks ago against Damage Inc! They are the fourth team to play 30 games after The Loren Rangers, Ragnars Swift Velocity and the Karond Kar Corsairs.

The Manhunters where one of the four founding teams of the HDWSBBL way back in 2506 were they shared the honour of being the first human team in HDWSBBL history with RSV. Their first season was, relatively speaking, a thing of wonder. They managed to finish second in the inaugural League competition and make it through to the finals of the Championship I. Of course, it later turned out that they actually finished third in the Open Scramble 2506/07 and their incorrect position was due to a rounding error!

This never put them off though and they headed into their second Season with lots of enthusiasm. Their second Season saw them up against a varied lot including the Karak Smashers, the Loren Tornadoes and the Drackwald Deadheads. While they once again failed to pick up any championships they did get an Eagle Award for most entertaining death as young Linesman Rufus Drumknott was crushed to death by a Dwarven Death Roller!

Their third season brought much of the same pain. They where shoved in South Division with the Man Eaters, Brimstone Deadheads and the Perverse Maidens of Torture. They only managed to pick up three wins all season but they did manage to end their losing steak of a jaw dropping 10 games. The highlight for them was advancing through the Ankle Biter competition all the way to the finals before being defeated by the Beaumont Blitzers. After that they decided to hide away from the entire world making us believe that they had died. In a master stroke of publicity (quiet Gerhard) the team emerged at the start of this season to give the game one more try.

So far this season they have only picked up one win in two games (at the time of their 30th game) however they are the third team to win their 30th game making RSV the only team to lose the milestone game itself!

The Opponents

While the Manhunters have had a few high profile feuds and grudge games with various HDWSBBL teams, their most famous feud is with Nuffle itself! Over their career, the Manhunters have sworn and cursed Nuffles name, they have prised Nuffle with all their heart and all they have received in return is rejection.

Aside from Nuffle, the Manhunters have had regular clashes with a few teams. One of their oldest rivalries was against two other founding teams, the Loren Rangers and fellow humans, RSV. Against these teams the Manhunters have never fully flourished. They have never managed to defeat either team but did hold the Rnagers to a draw. As they are lined up to face the Rangers later on in this season, it will be interesting to see if the times have changed anythings.

One of the leagues other favourites is when the Manhunters take on Skaven teams, be it the Ankle Biters or the Tail Slammers. Against the Skaven teams they have had much success winning two out of the three encounters. We know for a fact that the Tail Slammers are itching for a rematch (and a bath) so hopefully they will get their wish at some point this season.

To end this section, we will take a look at the statistics of the Manhunters against the many varied races they have encountered over their 30 games.

Race Pld W L D
Amazon 2   2  
Chaos Pact 1 1    
Dark Elves 1   1  
Dwarves 2   2  
Human 2   2  
Khemri 1 1    
Necromantic 3 1 2  
Ogre 2   2  
Orcs 7 4 3  
Skaven 3 2   1
Wood Elves 6   5 1

The Competitions

The Manhunters hold a certain record in the HDWSBBL in that they are the first team to reach 30 games who have never won a HDWSBBL Championship (Major or Minor)! That has never stopped them from trying time after time though. Over their four active seasons they have taken part in 8 competitions and at one point where one of the only teams to have taken part in all of the active competitions (until they failed to qualify for the Championship II).

In all, the Manhunters have won three runner-up awards for competitions and qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship cup one time (out of three attempts). They have also won a “most Touchdowns in a competition” award for the Ankle Biter Competition for the HDWSBBL Shield back in 2508/09.

The Players

Over the course of 30 games, the Manhunters have had 21 players don their uniform and have been comprised of the following positions:

  • 5 Blitzers
  • 2 Catchers
  • 2 Throwers
  • 11 Linesmen
  • 1 Ogre

Combined, the players have an average life expectancy of 20.5 games and only three players have taken part in all 30 games (Sam Vimes, Janson Ogg and Lobsang Ludd). Of the original 12 players, a surprising 10 are still active within the team!

The top 5 players on the team are as follows:

  • Lobsang Ludd (Thrower) – Top thrower for the team, Top thrower in a competition (1 time)
  • Moist Von Lipwig (Blitzer) – Top Scorer of the team, Joint top causality causer for the team, Player of a competition (2 times), Most causalities in a competition (1 time), Player of the Season (1 time – 2506/07 Season)
  • Reg Shoe (Catcher) – Top Catcher for the team, joint second top scorer
  • Sean Ogg (Blitzer) – Joint top interceptor of the Season (1 time – 2506/07)
  • Sam Vimes (Blitzer) – Joint second top scorer, Top scorer for a competition (1 time)

When mentioning the Manhunters roster, it is always worth remembering poor Lupin Wonse. This Linesman has taken part in 27 games for the Manhunters and yet has never received a single Star Player point, not even an MVP!


The Manhunters have been through it all. From the highs of playing in a Championship Cup final through to fighting it out for the Shield. There have (thankfully) not been many teams like the Manhunters and if this is indeed their last season then we hope they finally get rid of their luck and claim a championship of their own. It is at this point that we normally ask the Head coach for a quote but as Lord Havlock is notoriously tight lipped and lets the grumpy Janitor be the team’s mouthpiece (whether he likes it or not) we have not bothered!

So, as always, we end with a look at the team’s performance to date, for future reference:

Middenhein Manhunters 30 9 19 2 44 62 28 32 74 2 30

Good luck Manhunters, may Nuffle finally bless you!


    1. Gerhard, i welcome any quote u wish to post.
      Fancy a pint next ur in town?
      Must be getting soft.

  1. I would just like to say how touched (janitor) i am by these kind words. We have tried hard as a team and we hope at some point to win something gold.
    The team will never die. the players yes but not the team an spirit. Even if it takes another 5 seasons.

    Unfortunatly Lord Havelock wants his say so here go’s.
    “Nuffle kiss my hairy arse!”

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