Match of the Week – Rangers vs Tail Slammers

With the dawn of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 tomorrow, we have decided to pick one of the matches and do an in depth preview. It surprised many here in the office when we decide to highlight a match featuring everyone’s “favourite” Skaven team but they have shown an amazing turn around in form which will make this clash even more spectacular.

Team Overview

Tail Slammers vs The Loren Rangers
1,810,000 TV 2,410,000
The Pit Home Stadium The Loren Riverdome
26 Games Pld 47
11/12/3 W/L/D record 34/9/4
DWWWW Current Form WWLWD
1x HDWSBBL Shield Championships 1x HDWSBBL League Cup1x HDWSBBL Challenge Cup

On the face of it the Rangers are one of the most dominating teams in HDWSBBL History. There are very few awards that they have not won, many records that they have not set or broken, or any Milestones that they have not reached. Since the leagues inception they have been among the top tier of all the competing teams. They have defeated almost all that stood before them and have one of the best win percentages in the leagues History. It is impossible to look at a top players or team listing without seeing at least one Ranger mentioned. Not a day goes by without their name appearing in some newspaper across the old world, especially as there is a current trend for people to name their children after the Rangers legends.

The Tail Slammers on the other hand are the polar opposite. From their first steps in the league they where beaten to within an inch of their lives. Compared to the handsome Elves and humans in the leagues, the furry Skaven where always going to be the boogie men to the leagues heroes. Despite all this, somewhere along the way they managed to pick up the respect of the fans and more importantly some playing ability. Overnight the team was transformed from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the most exciting to watch. Suddenly people started to remember the names of the players and wear their t-shirts, their motto of “We Lie, We Cheat, we Steal” became a mantra amongst the fans of the HDWSBBL! Only one season ago the Tail Slammers where the poster boys for useless. Now they are known for having one of the most amazing turn arounds in the leagues history.

The Players

Tail Slammers vs The Loren Rangers
Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – 93 Best Player Caneran Everlong (Catcher) – 153
Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – 20 Top Scorer Elesser Everlong (Catcher) – 40
Gariad (Blitzer) – 10 Most Vicious Oakton (Treeman) – 8
Remi Flesh (Thrower) – 14 Best passer Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) – 121
N/A! Top Inteceptor Caneran Everlong (Catcher) – 1
350 Total SPP 621

As mentioned before, The Loren Rangers have some of the most dominating players in the leagues history. Four of the top 10 best players in the league belong to the Rangers and don’t they let the league know it! Combined they have won countless player awards over their 5 seasons. At the moment they are in a rebuilding process after the loss of a few players but the Rangers have not indicated that this has had much effect on the teams performance.

The Tail Slammers are still relatively new to the star player situation. Until recently, the players numbers on their shirts where more of an indication of their life expectancy rather then to pick them out of the line up. That all changed though when Arcani Spark emerged from the pack to take the glory. He is the Skaven that showed the league and the rest of the team that they can become famous, that they can achieve their dreams and that it is possible to become the most hated living thing in the entire leagues history. Inspired by his performances, the merry bad of oddly named rats are now attempting to define their own records as achievers rather then footnotes in a very bloody history.


This match will be the first time that these teams have faced each other. It will also mark the first encounter between a Wood Elf and a Skaven team in HDWSBBL History. Both teams are currently undefeated this season and are at the top of their respective Divisions. In what could turn out to be the first of many encounters this season, all eyes will be watching this game to see the history in the making.

The winners of this match will have bragging rights for the foreseeable future. If the Rangers win then will be the first team to overcome the rejuvenated Skaven. If the Tail Slammers win then they will have confirmed everyone’s fears in that there is not a single team that can stand in their way from their first HDWSBBL Championship.

This will be one for the record books.

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