Gerhards Predictions for the Spite Challenge 2510/11

Once again, a new competition is starting up so it is time for me to share my accurate predictions for this seasons Challenge Cup Competition.

Last seasons Challenge Cup competition (the Pepslay Challenge) had a glorious first day which has gone down in HDWSBBL history as the “day of death”. 8 players ended their career that night including one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen in my life, the best player in the leagues history (at the time) dragged to the ground and killed by a mob of Snotling! I still visit his grave every now and then to remind him how hilarious it was.

Back on topic, I am hoping to see at least the same amount of violence this time around. There are too many Skaven, Elves and little Dinosaur things running around thinking they are clever.

On with the predictions then. I should really start with the matches taking place this week. In the order of which they where drawn:

Tail Slammers (North) vs The Loren Rangers (South)

This should be a good one. The Tail Slammers appear to be controlled by some higher power which is letting them have the best season of their short horrid lives. The last time these two teams met the Rangers danced all over them and I know from one of the threatening letters they keep nailing to my door that they have been ready for this moment for a long time. However, and I almost hate myself for saying this, the Rangers *spit* ARE the best team in the league today without a doubt. No matter how good the Tail Slammers are, the Rangers will always be one step ahead of them. I think this game will be close and will see some drama, but I have no doubt about the outcome.
Prediction: The Loren Rangers

Orcland Cleavers (North) vs Brimstone Flayers (South)

The Cleavers are unlucky not be top of North Division. They have been playing well lately and are a great example of a team who struggled during their first season (*cough* Cleaver Cup *Cough*) but kept trying and developed into a formidable team. The Flayers on the other hand are still an unknown force in the league. They are currently sitting in second place and have shown some good form against some of the bigger teams. Regardless I think the Cleavers improved form and the experience they have will play a big part in this match.
Prediction: Ocland Cleavers

The Innsmouth Shadows (North) vs Lustria Leapers (South)

Slow vs Quick, Heavy hitting vs fragile. Undead vs Space Frogs. This could be a very good one. Both teams are on impressive forms and should be bringing their full rosters to the match. The Leapers have managed to surprise all the teams they have faced this season with their leaping ability but they have suffered due to a lack of hitting power on their side. JoJo’s brave band of adventurers however has no shortage of hitting power, with them it is speed they lack (and their sanity). This is going to go one of two ways; the Leapers will dance around the Shadows embarrassing them in the process or the Shadows will ground the Leapers and beat them to a bloody pulp! There werewolves are going to have a field day with the line frogs.
Prediction: The Innsmouth Shadows (Good luck in your 30th game JoJo!).

Teotigua Predators (North) vs The Tutsbone Jackles (South)

My favourites! This season has me very confused. If a few months ago you had told me that the Tail Slammers would be leading a Division and that the Jackles where in the top portion of a Division then I would have branded you a loon and sent you to spend some time with fellow nutter JoJo. However, I guess that sometimes surprising things do happen considering Nuffle is a psychopath of the highest order.

Anyway, The Little Dinos have been coming up a little short in their games lately while the Jackles have been constantly just above average (that is a complement btw). The Dinos bigger ones on the team are sometimes impressive but I feel that they will get dominated by the Mummies that the Jackles have on their team. The Jackles Skeletons will be no match for the little skinks though so I hope the Jackles have been practising their Cage plays otherwise a little Skink will slip through their legs. I will be watching this game VERY closely.
Prediction: The Tutsbone Jackles

The Brewers (North) vs Middenhein Manhunters (South)

It has been some time since we have had a Human vs Human match actually take place (there was due to be two last season but the Ruskin Arms Bar Flys dropped out before they took on RSV). Normally, I would go with the more experienced team but seeing as both teams are piss-poor representations of their race this match could be a total toss-up. True, the Manhunters could show a rare display of good form and dispose of the rookies but we know what their luck is like. On the other hand the Brewers have only really had one good game in their career and have struggled along so far this season. I am very conflicted. I don’t want to pick the Manhunters but they do have a good chance of winning this one and I don’t want that Lord Havlock on here gloating about how I was wrong. Oh well, I will take that chance!
Prediction: The Brewers

We Tree Fellows (North) vs Grunhelm Gemcutters (South)

This is going to be a good one. The not-Pro Elves against the Angry Dwarves. Assuming the Dwarves come out of hibernation this could be a very messy encounter. The Fellows will be looking to restore the pride to their team name and I expect them to play a running game to get around the Dwarves lack of speed. However should the Dwarves catch them this could prove to be one of the bloodiest games in the leagues history! Fingers crossed then.
Prediction: Grunhelm Gemcutters

Whereinthehellarewe Tribe (North) vs Damage Inc (South)

On the face of this, Damage Inc should have no issues. Damages Big guys outnumber the Treemen and we all know that Halflings go squish easily. However (I have used that word a lot today!) the form of the Chaos pact has been dreadful. If their Coach can whip his boys into shape this could be an entertaining encounter. With four big guys on the pitch with the ability to throw the little ones down the field (and another one who enjoys eating them) we could see a lot of little people flying through the air (and hopefully ending with a satisfying crunch). I don’t know who to pick here. My brain tells me to bet against Damage Inc considering their form but I cannot justify picking Halflings for anything!
Prediction: Damage Inc!

Further predictions

So, with this weeks action out the way, I need to pull some further predictions out of my firm buttocks. My gut is telling me that this seasons competition is going to end very similer to last season. As the top three teams are recognised, and the last gets the honour of the shield named after them, I have four choices.

First place: The Loren rangers *Spit*
Second Place: The Innsmouth Shadows
Third Place: The Tail Slammers

Last place: The Brewers (free publicity if they manage this, that might please them).

We will soon see how right I am

 – Gerhard

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