Fixtures for the Spite Challenge 3rd round

This Thursday will see the 3rd round of the Spite Challenge 2510/11. Without further ado, here are the matches.

Round 3
Orcland Cleavers vs Lustria Leapers
The Tutsbone Jackles vs Damage Inc
Grunhelm Gemcutters vs The Brewers
Teotigua Predators vs We Tree Fellows
Whereinthehellarewe Tribe vs Brimstone Flayers
Tail Slammers vs The Innsmouth Shadows
Middenhein Manhunters vs The Loren Rangers

While I am here, there are two other bits of information

  1. The software used to run this site has been updated and there are one or two glitches (mainly with the Warzone summaries being displayed on the news section of the website. This is being addressed as soon as possible
  2. The Tail Slammers did complete their 30th game recently, we will be taking a look at their career to date shortly along with the Wee Tree Fellows who will play their 30th match this week!


  1. Oh bugger. Gotta play damn rangers again. Gotta draw last time, maybe a win this time. We’ll see this week.
    On a another matter, this could be Lord Havelocks last match in charge. The game against WTF just delayed his departure. More on this to follow.

  2. Oh god. I have a day to mentally prepare for a game against the Tail Slammers. This is really very short notice you know.

    Well, most likely as not there goes my Treble dreams.

  3. Don’t worry JoJo my man, most people would not expect to win a cup while those bloody Rangers are still kicking around. Kill a few rats for me!

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