Open Scramble 2510/11 Final Preview

Believe it or not we are finally entering the end phase of the season. It has been very quiet around here lately with the world moving quickly around us but its time to divert attention back to the league for the final push of the 2510/11 Season.

Tonight will see the long awaited final of the Open Scramble 2510/11 between the North Division winners the Innsmouth Shadows and the South Division champions the Loren Rangers.

Knowing that this is their last season in the HDWSBBL, the Shadows have given it their all. After finishing near the bottom of their division for the past few seasons something finally clicked with the team (or snapped in JoJo’s head) and they began to rack up the wins. During the league stages it looked as though they where going to have another run of the mill season but a few high profile wins (and some well timed losses by the other contenders) ensured that the Shadows picked up their first ever divisional championship and booked their place in the league final for the first time. If they won tonight it would be fitting that they would win their first HDWSBBL Championship against those Elves.

The Rangers will be keen to see a win in this match. After holding out hopes for winning all three major HDWSBBL championships in a season they suffered their first loss of the season in the Championship V first round during their last outing. The Rangers are very used to this type of pressure having won the inaugural Open Scramble back in 2506/07 and having won the HDWSBBL Challenge cup and now three Divisional championships. The Rangers certanyl have the star power and the skill to win the cup but can they put their nerves and pride to the side for one  night and win the HDWSBBL League cup for the second time?

The Rangers are the odds on favourite to win the match but nobody should rule out the Shadows, especially when they are the underdog. Tune in tonight to see the exciting climax to the Open Scramble 2510/11 and see if the Rangers can become two time champions or if the Shadows can come up with some new diabolical trick which will allow them to claim their first HDWSBBL Championship.


  1. Shadows win, calling it now. I don’t care if I just Jinxed them, the Rangers cost me too much money when they lost in the Championship V

    Can you believe it, I finally swallow my pride and bet a large amount of money on the Rangers for the first time in my life and they go and lose. I now have to do menial jobs for the time being so I can afford the simple luxuries in life such as fine wine, lose women and more powder for my 8 barrel skink / skaven hunting rifle.

    Basted Elves.

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