Spite Challenge – The Final Round

After three rounds of competition, the final round of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 is finally upon us. The competition has seen all 14 teams fight it out in 71 matches to determine who will be this seasons HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Winner.

Most of the teams have faced some new foes while others have finally settled some old scores in what could be their final season in the HDWSBBL.
With only one set of matches to go, there are only a handful of teams who can take the Challenge Cup home. The two teams with the best chance are the Leapers and the Rangers. Both teams are at the top of the table and a win by either team will see them claim victory. It is worth noting that even if one of them wins then the Slammers could leapfrog over both of them on the condition they defeat the Flayers by 5 Touchdowns and then score more then the winner of the Rangers / Leapers match (ie, if the Leapers win 2 – 0, the Tail Slammers will need to win 7-0).

While an outright win for either the Rangers or the Leapers is a safe bet, it is not guaranteed. The last time these teams encountered each other the match ended in a two all draw! If that occurs again, where does that leave us? Well if the Rangers / leapers draw then the following teams can win:

  • The Leapers – as long as they suffer less then 5 casualties against the Rangers and the Slammers / Flayers and Predators / Cleavers matches also result in draws!
  • The Rangers – as long as they cause more then 5 casualties against the Rangers and the Slammers / Flayers and Predators / Cleavers matches also result in draws!
  • The Tail Slammers, – if they defeat the Flayers
  • The Flayers – if they defeat the Slammers and keep within two touchdowns of the Predators / Cleavers match (eg, if the Predators win 3-0 then the Flayers have to win at least 1-0 to win the competition
  • The Predators – If the Flayers defeat / Draw with the Slammers and they score at least two more then the Flayers
  • The Cleavers – If the Flayers defeat / draw with the Slammers and they score at least three more then the Flayers

All official betting has been suspended with the favourite to win being the Loren Rangers. If they won they would complete the double this season and be the first team to win the HDWSBBL League and Challenge cups in a single season since the Karak Smashers accomplished it way back in the 2507/08 Season (Season 2). Don’t rule the Leapers out though. They have made great “leaps” in progress all season and are on the verge of making it big. People with long memory spans will also remind us not to rule out the Slammers. More then once they have cheated their way to victory at the last moment, whether the Championship V finalists the Flayers will stand for it is another matter!

At the other end of the spectrum the loser of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 can only be one of two teams, the Brewers and the Tutsbone Jackles! Of course the loser of this match (or the Jackles in the event of a draw) will have the honour of having the HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them next season.

One thing for sure is that for most teams, this will be their last match of the season so it means there is no reason for holding back, no reason for compassion and no reason for remorse. We are expecting some violent, aggressive and wonderful games of Bloodbowl out there to end the competition with a bang!

Good luck to the teams.

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