HDWSBBL General Meeting

With the season almost over it is now time to plan ahead for the next season. With that we would like to hold a small meeting to discuss the upcoming season as well as the new format, changes to the HDWSBBL rules and other topics you would like to bring up.

Planned date for this meeting will be the 9th of June starting at around 7:30 – 7:45. Hopefully it will not take to long but we will discuss the following topics;

  • The New League Format – This will be taking on the style of the NFL league format.
  • Changes to the HDWSBBL Handbook – Some will be changing some will be added.
  • Any suggestions for improvements – By you the coaches.
  • Dates for Registration and Pre-Season Friendly’s.
  • The league draft and the start of the new season.

We hope you will be able to make it.



  1. Hi

    Will probably not be able to make it, will either be having a WFB match or watching Le Mans Qualifying.

    Looking at how the NFL works at the moment it seems a lot of work for you guys to administer who plays who between the divisions and conferences but if you are happy.

    Do you get stuck in the same division for good, as then you end up playing the same people over again, where as at the moment the opponents are random every year?

  2. Hi Donald,

    Sorry for the late reply. The format is fairly easy to figure out, and will result in less games being played and a chance to play almost everyone in the league. You stay in your own conferance and division but you play other teams from the mirroring division and teams from the other conferance.
    It will also drop the challenge cup but will create two Conferance Cups, kind of like the league cup. The two winners of those will then head to the Championship Final a.k.a the Super Bowl.
    It throws everything in the air because you may finish 3rd in your division but you could go on and win the whole lot.
    When we have completed the meeting I will post full details of everything that was talked about plus a detailed explanation of the new format.



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