The Broom Cupboard

Welcome one and all to” The Broom Cupboard”. Yes you guessed, its me the Janitor. After finding myself without a team to clear up after I have been press ganged into working for the HDWSBBL Warzone Press Department. Now your probably thinking to yourselves “Apart from cleaning out the lav’s what can this man possibly contribute to the league?”,  well my friends I shall tell you. I happen to have watched over the years possibly the worst team to get beaten time and again (how I miss the Middenheim Manhunters so).  So with this insightful insight I know what teams will make the mark and those that wont. My first task will be to assess the teams and see who I think will make divisional champions and more, then from there on I will keep you abreast of league happenings and any other fluff I can fit in between my other duties. Well that’s all for now i’ve got to go and clean the lav.



  1. Hi Janitor

    The showers are broken at the Beaumont Bowl, could you come and have a look, the Fellows need to sort out the their hair

  2. Hey Jock,

    No problemo, i,ll be round as soon as poss. I know how girly you elfs can be.


    P.s my call out charge is 200 gold pieces.

      1. The tail slammers are no more, but check out the Team Network News for an ESP run down of the upcoming league!!!!

        Plug Plug

        By the way, he is called Hamish

  3. well the slammers are laying low seeing as is I am the most senior player I have control of all the funds of the slammers. and I am the manager of the Lightning claws.

    1. Didn’t the Council of the Thirteen lend you that money? Wont they want that back? In fact, wasn’t it cash embezzlement and general lack of skill that got the Ankle Biters “retired” back in 07?

  4. well no we the tail slammers killed them all because they were rubbish, and I Arcani Spark know own the tail slammers and have full authority to do with the slammers revenue as I please.

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