Rule Clarification – Fumbles

Good afternoon coaches,

Fumbles have been an area of confusion with some of you so here is the run down of the rule as stated in the rulebook.

A fumble occurs when a one is achevied before or after modifications. This means if you roll a one outright you fumble the ball outright. This is the before part. If you make a roll and the resulting total with modifications result in a one you will also fumble.

For example, I make a short pass and require a roll of 4+. A 4+ makes an accurate pass, 2-3 is an inaccurate pass and one is a fumble. If I make the same move but have a -2 modifier beacuse of two tacklezones I require a 6+ to be accurate, 5-4 to be inaccurate and 1-3 to be a fumble.

All you need to remember is ones always fails while sixs are always passes.

I hope this clears a few confused coachs up.

– Alex


  1. Remember Long Bomb’s are -2 as well, but Accurate and Strong Arm will take this the other way.

    Invest in Safe Throw, but remember you will still drop it on a one.

    You only ever fumble on a one! What Tosh!!!!

    1. Tosh, that you only fumble on a one, when clearly if you read the rules it is obvious to any buffoon that you can fumble on other results.

      Actually, now you come to think of it, the rules aren’t exactly clear and easy to follow on this.

      1. I think Im going to pull my hair out with this rule.

        You fail on a one reguardless. You roll a one fumble end of.
        If the total on a die roll ends on a one you fumble. Yes you fail on other rolls but its always a fumble on a one.

        Please read the posts thouroghly.

        1. At least you have hair to spare.

          The Tosh was to people who thought that it was one only and no other result ever caused a fumble.

          With you on this one.

      1. Or the newest member of the Gelfs?

        (Not for their performance on the pitch before you start, but what they get up to off pitch.)

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