Collecting Dust…..

Good evening sports fans,

Well it has been a very crazy holiday break but we have all managed to get back into the swing of things, well almost. Now it has come to my attention that the HDWSBBL Press office has been rather relaxed as of late, but fear not, a highly trained motivator is whipping them into shape (and he uses a cat-o-nine tails…)

So coming up in the next few hours, days and weeks, expect a full 30 match review of the Tutsbone Jackals and the Wee Tree Fellows, re-cap of the last two weeks of matches (the janitor has been working nights and double shifts, his wife needs treating) and a kick up the bum to all our bloggers to bring you new and exciting news.

But it has not all been bad. Fans of the previous year may remember head coach Kai of the Teotigua Predators, well after Gerhard has gone MIA of late, Kai has sprung into action and not a moment too soon! He has already placed his predictions to the final rankings and let me tell you they are certainly very interesting indeed. So why are you still reading me rambling on? Head over to his blog now at:

Hopefully the slight spanner in the press office is almost unstuck and the office will be pumping out news reels faster than you can say “What ogre?” But what do you think of the league so far? Do you have anything you would like to say? Then leave a comment and good old Bob Fortune will get back  to you. But until the next time folks, keep watching those stars! The players in the KO box sure will!

– Bob Fortune (HDWSBBL Press Office Editor)


  1. A very good league in-dead, I mean indeed. Good coaches and good teams. I quite like that janitor chap very entertaining.

  2. Why thank you Dr V, its nice to know i,m appreicated. Oh an Bob, i thought u knew but my wife left me. It was shortly after that debacle with those cheerleaders…

    1. Its done i’m just waiting for those bastards at the press office to give it the all clear. I mean i had one minor episode where i got a bit carried away and i,m not trusted anymore…

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