Back To The Job In Hand… Almost…

Good day one and all, sorry for my absence but i took a break with some old friends which turned out to take longer then expected, but now i’m back.

Now i’ve missed a fair few matches and now it’s time to catch up. So instead of going into match details like i normally do i’ll give a quick performance review of each team (not be confused with Kai’s Power Ranking).  So without further ado my rundown.

We Tree Fellows: Well these guys have had a good couple matches. A decent victory against the Vixens (4-1) and then a complete wipe out of the Tabacconists. This match was the first i saw since getting back. Glad i did. At halftime it was 3-0 then coming back in to 2nd half the Fellows Blitzed twice and scored from both then scored later on to end it 6-0.

Talos Tobacconists: Although the Tabacconists lost miserably to the Fellows all was not doom an gloom. After a tough game against the Blackburners the Talos won 1-0.

Whereinthehellarewe Tribe: 2 loses to the little people. Instead of tossing halflings the Tribe really struggled to get to grips with the Voodoo and lost 1-0. The other loss came as forfeit as the team lived up to their name after turning up at the wrong stadium and saying “Where in the hell are we?”. Due to this navigational error the team couldn’t get back in time.

Elfheim Razorhawkes: The match against the Horrors was not great. The Hawkes suffered 5 casualties one resulting in a fatality. The final score was 1-1. Their next match was exactly what they needed. A forfeit (see above). Not only did the hawkes get the win without having to do anything it also meant that the players injured in their previous match get an extra week to recover.

Lighting Claws: It seems that the skaven/goblin combo had a mixed couple of matches. With a win against struggling Creeping Death (2-1) saw them get their first win of the season. Unfortunately their winning streak didn’t last long as the Defilers got 2 touchdowns to their 1.

Drakwald Defilers: These guys are still doing what they do best, getting good results. It almost wasn’t to be against the Stumpies but the Defilers held on to their draw. Against the Claws they got back to their winning form to win 2-1. Almost to easy…

The Gelfs: The Gelfs had a mixed bag in regards to score lines although their casualty’s rate doesn’t seem to be getting better. Against the Flayers they didn’t do to well losing 2-1. Different story when they faced the Jackles. They may of only managed 1 touchdown but against a team that knows how to cage this a good result.

The Tutsbones Jackles: The Jackles had a good match against the Bad Tempered Maruders getting a solid 2-0 win under their belts or should i say bandages. There next match didn’t go as well losing 1-0 to the Gelfs.

The Blackburners: As already mentioned above the Blackburnrs lost to the Tobaccanits 1-0. But its not all bad for the Blackburners as they managed to beat the Vixens 2-1.

The Brimstone Flayers: These guys just don’t seem able to lose at the moment. Their winning streak just goes on and on. Against the Gelfs the Flayers won 2-1. Then against the Bad Tempered Maruders it was a 5-1 walkover.

Temper Bay Marauders: Unfortunately the Bad Tempered orks just aren’t living up to the orkish way of Blood Bowl. The orks lost both games before the winter break. 2-0 from the Jackles and 5-1 from the Brimstone Flayers.

Grimwood Voodoo: These undead guys aren’t doing to bad for their 1st season. On their current form they should fair quite well. When they played the Wherethefuckarewethistime Tribe it was a painfully drawn out 1-0 victory to the Voodoo’s. When they played the Horrors it was a different story as they lost 2-0. But who is Billy Bones…

Universal Horrors: For all intents and purposes another undead team that have done well so far this season. A 1-1 draw against the Razorhawkes was not exactly on the cards but they bounced back from a minor setback to win there next game. 2-0 against the Voodoo was more like it.

Deamons Stump Deamonicans: Only the one match from the Deamon Stumpies and that was against the Drakwald Defilers. The Deamon Stumpies took a beating but managed to get a 1-1 draw.

Valhallen Vixen’s: Hmmm. They lost both. They stink. They probably cant wait to bugger off home. Someone thinks they can get into the shield final. To do that they need to win.

Well hopefully that wraps the last few weeks of Blood Bowl action. From now on i shall try to keep on top of things and not get dragged away by other less important distractions.

Till next time my friends…


Still Loving The Jobs You Hate.


  1. Hi Janitor

    There is a big dead patch of grass on the pitch at the Beaumont Bowl where the minotour messed himself when he got dumped on his ass several times during the last match.

    Can you give me a price for removal and re-seeding the turf please?

    Also the poncy boys have gone and block the showers, again!!!
    Too much hair gel!



    1. The janitor won’t have time matey, he’s too busy throwing his weight around. Just tell them ponces to calm down with the gel!

    1. C**t! C**t! I’ll give u c**t you f**king boney bastard! Just you f**king wait you’ll f**king go to peices, and when you f**king do i’ll be there f**king laughing! BTW just dont make to much mess as i’ll have to clear up…

      1. I don’t really know who you are mate, see, i don’t need to use the toilet and thats normally where you are isn’t it? Cleaning up s**t? When you learn to play, then we’ll talk….c**t

          1. Yeah very good, when’s Gerhard coming back? Bout time i had something interesting to read

  2. Don’t upset Billy, Janitor. Star Cockney Skeletons are bad to the bone!

    Further to this : I’ll have you know The Horrors are the top undead team in the league!

        1. Nice to see your sense of humour is as intelligent as your writing, haven’t you got someone talent to be cleaning up after?…..sweepy c**t

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