The Shield: Review and Predictions

The shield, commonly know as the losers cup, hosts only four teams this season. But that won’t stop the action as each team scrambles to gain what pride they have left and win a piece of silverware. Firstly we will re-cap on each team and review how well they did during the World Series this season.

Creeping Death

World Series 2511/12 11 1 8 2 15 22 8 18 4 0 9

Although currently rated as a team likely to have the shield named after them along with the Lightning Claws, Creeping Death have had one of the most successful seasons as a newcomer. Their coach, Odin, who is new to coaching and the game has shown great promise in his ability to lead a great blood bowl team. They put a lot of teams under pressure by either taking the lead or equalizing in amazing style and class. The only thing that has let this team down was consistence in their normal playing style, if they could maintain the pressure they apply and hold the scoreline they could be one of the most deadly teams in the leagues history. An experience of a season in which they could still walk away with some silverware if they are triumphant in the Shield. Be sure to look our for Gandalf Thor who has so far proved to be invaluable to the teams attack.

Lighting Claws

World Series 2511/12 11 1 8 2 14 27 16 20 6 0 9

The first Underworld team to enter the HDWSBBL, old veteran Arcarni Spark was hoping he could carry the same good fortune he had with the Tail Slammers. Sadly this was not to be his season as the team went 5 games without a win before finally winning their only match so far against newcomers, Creeping Death. The reason why this team full of sneaky gits remains a mystery even to the expert analytics’s. The team should of done better this season with Arcarni at the helm, but due to the animosity towards the two races which could of resulted in their poor performance this season. They do however have a chance to regain some reputation if they go and win the Shield this year, a task which Arcarni Spark is accustom to having won one previously himself. If they can sort out their differences then they could better the opposition, if not then I’m sure the team would be carefully dismantled by Arcarni himself. Despite the poor performance the aptly named Shell Four has been the rock in the team scoring 8 touchdowns this season.


World Series 2511/12 11 2 8 1 6 19 15 13 6 0 18

The Blackburners have surely had the most unluckiest season to date since the days of the Manhunters and Damage Inc. After missing out on third place after loosing a crushing defeat by Creeping Death and  vast array of crippling last minute plays by their opposition they find themselves in the Shield. The team started off very well with a draw against the Marauders but they just couldn’t keep up against their next few opposition. Currently they are having a four game loosing streak and they are sure going to be playing very hard to shake the streak off and advance through the shield semi-finals. If they can keep their nerve and stick to basic plays then they can certainly win it. To help them do this their rock at the front, Tantor TE, and Minotaur star has caused a head smashing 5 casualties so far this season and doesn’t look like he will settle for that.

Valhallen Vixen’s

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
World Series 2511/12 11 2 9 0 16 26 14 17 20 0 18

Without a doubt the biggest shock of the season so far. The Vixen’s who were highly praised for their wonderful debiting season a few years ago were favourites to make it to the play-offs. But with a terrible loosing streak of 9 this season and a career total of 13 straight matches without a win fans around the old world could not believe what they were seeing. Not only did the Vixen’s have no luck in any of their matches, none of their tactics ever went accordingly and their fan base slowly deflated week by week. But all was ended after a shock victory against the Tribe and a second against the under performing Lighting Claws. If they can keep this winning streak going they will surely go on and win the shield proving all of their critics wrong. Their star player Victor, who has been very quiet all season until recently, will surely guide the team to glory having scored an amazing 25 career touchdowns and also winning the best player of the season award two seasons ago.


This years competition for the shield will surely be a tough one to call as each team has rapidly improved over the last few weeks which will indeed make for very interesting matches. So as promised here are my predictions for the tournament.


Creeping Death vs The Blackburners

This will be a very tough match to call (I have a feeling they will all be…). Creeping Death have improved like a fine wine and have really picked up the sport quicker than any rookie team we have seen it recent years. The Blackburners have been the weaker team but only contrasted with their results, their ability on the field has indeed been brutal and only a a few unlucky plays have spelled defeat for the Chaos Dwarfs. That being said I do believe that Creeping Death are the more prepared team and are likely to handle the pressure better unless the Blackburners come out a really show the fans a treat from the start.

Predicted Win: Creeping Death

Lightning Claws vs Valhallen Vixens

Previously the Vixens stormed the Claws and wiped the floor all over them in a decisive victory, and with a full squad at their disposal it looks as though they could repeat history. But lets not forget about the Claws, who have a previous Sheild winning coach at their side who is also accustomed to last gasped attacks. If the Claws can keep the Vixens quiet then they stand a chance, but I feel that they will be the winners yet again.

Predicted Win: Valhallen Vixens


Creeping Death vs Valhallen Vixens

This match will be one of the matches to watch during the play-off period if it takes place. Both teams will be out to prove themselves and earn that last little bit of respect from their fans and other teams in the league. Although whichever team finally wins, both will have no doubt proved their worth. The tightness of this match would be nail-biting and it will go either way, making this prediction the hardest of all. The only thing which will determin this is experiance which the Vixens have and therefore will not feel the pressure of a big final. Creeping Death could take it if they stand strong but I can’t see this happening unless they cause a major dent in the Vixens attack.

Predicted Win: Valhallen Vixens & Shield Winners


That concludes all reviews and predictions for the upcoming play-offs. I wish all the teams the best of luck and hope you all find glory in your matches.

– Bob Fortune


  1. Vixens to win the shield?? Me thinks you been smoking something you should not of done Mr Bob. The vixens were lucky first time round against the claws, but the claws will have them this time. My monies on Creeping Death to win the the sheild.


    DIE! DIE!! DE!!!

  2. From a neutral perspective I can see it being a close all Norse final. I think though the Vixens will prevail with all their experience but it will be by the narrowest of margins. 2-1 or 3-2 my prediction. Odin has a way of getting those Norse lads to do the unexpected at any time and I can see them running the Vixens close.

  3. well oddly enough I agree with the predictions if the last game proved anything, it is that the vixens are the better team. Do not get me wrong the we will be coming at the vixens harder then last match, I want to be the first player to win the shield as both a player and then as a coach, and not to mention to end my current coaching career in a win.


        1. Wern’t in it, forfited match to the Leapers

          Get your facts right!

          Fully expect an Elf team to be in the bottom 4 next year anyway.

          Look out for them LMFAO.

          That is also what you will be doing if you watch them play.

  4. The horrors will now be throwing there weight behind the Arcani’s mob. You never know he may fulfil his dream of winning the shield as a player and a manager.

    1. …so, I should expect to see all of the Horrors in the front row then, looking for that dodgy throw-in chance?

      Wait, where will the Loren Rangers sit then?

  5. Well at least I’m glad that my initial comment is true in which the Shield is gaining popularity with fans and coaches.

  6. ok well at least we have a chance of winning a trophy this season WTF, thank you mr doc and Lord Bones for your support I will make sure the team understands the ramifications if we lose this game against the dwarfs, but at least we will have a full team for our last match and mr gobbo the Mummie injurer will be back as well.

    1. All jokin aside Ricky, I think you have a very legitimate chance to take the shield this year. Even with all of the Tackle I’m throwing about, all of that stunty is going to be merry hell to deal with. Plus I’m down a Bull Centaur and even then you’re going to get inducements, and I think we both know what you’ll be using them for.

      So yeah, it’s going to be tough match for both of us I think.

  7. Well, well, well. Who’d of thought i’d get somethink right this season. I said the vixens wouldnt win and i was bang on. My only dissapointment is with creeping death not doing the blackburners.
    I dont really give a damn who wins the sheild i’m more bothered by who wins the Superbowl. I’m puttting everthing i own on the Universal Horrors. Dont let me down.

    1. Thanks to the Janitor for his backing.
      We will aim to beat the Jackles/Daemonicans then the Defilers/Marauders.

      In the superbowl it will be Elf carnage from who ever wins the conference.

      I would plump of a final of Voodoo vs Horrors! A superbowl to remember!

      1. Now that would be something Doc. If it happens save me a seat right near the front so i can cheer you on…

    2. Brimstone Flayers or Drackwald Defilers

      Anything else is just plain mad

      Then again, this is Bloodbowl amd everyone is mad to begin with.

      1. If the flayers DON’T get into the finals at the very least then it will be an upset of collossal proportions, and only really possible if somebody finds a way to replace Stewarts dice with “special” ones without him noticing.

        1. He doesn’t have dice, he always uses the other coaches.

          I’m relying on the Voodoo to do them in in the next round.

      2. You fool Macbigone! The power of the undead and necro will rise up and end in a battle royale for the services of Billy Bones! Only a true champion team deserves such a player.

        Horrors vs Voodoo in the Superbowl. Mark my words.

        Mwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  8. Can Billy and the Doc please find a room to conduct their love in? The idea of those two necrophiliacs in the final is just too much!

    1. Oooh, funny f****r hiding behind a fake f***** name! I don’t think i can be a necrophiliac, im dead, f***wit

      1. I may just like to say that was not me or any player or fan affiliated with the slammers, ankle biters and the lightning claws, rather not have the storm of lord billy bones anger any where near our team or stadium.

    2. Right I think this has to be some poofy elf saying this. “The Shadow” what a girls name and you hit the space bar to many times, pr**k! I tell you pal anywhere anytime and the Horrors will kick you from one side of the pitch to the other. You think the Blackburners fouled… you bloody wait.

      The teams of the Voodoo and Horrors stick together as the undead representatives of the league. I wish them all the luck vs the Flayers. See you in the Superbowl.

      1. I tell you what this has got me hacked off! one reply wasn’t enough.

        I was just getting warmed up in this f***ing league, getting my team all settled in before having an assault on the title next year but now you b*****ds have pushed your luck. I am going to find this “Sh a dow” (spell it right you p***k!) and kick his a*** even if it is in the superbowl itself. If it’s an elf all the better I love seeing tights turn brown and smelly as a werewolf claws his way through them!

        As for any other coach who may be hiding behind this moniker (you scared b*****d! stand and face me if your so quick to accuse). If we haven’t beaten you already this year we will and when it happens it’ll be bloody and you’ll see most of your players playing for the Horrors or Voodoo next year as ZOMBIES! Come on if you think your hard enough!

  9. Oh dear, has somebody had their cage or should that be tomb rattled?

    I hope you lot aren’t all talk and no action or the hag queen will be most displeased.

    1. I knew it was you poofy dark elves!

      You wait Klaus will get his turn tonight and pound you until your snot turns red and brown! Then if you aren’t all dead, I will get a go in the Superbowl. Defilers, Marauders, Jackles and Daemonicans get out of my way. I nearly beat this guy once and I’ll I now want to finish the job!

      Those goths won’t get away from me! Let the Wolves of war loose!

  10. I think we should get a new “professional prediction” for the upcoming final of the shield that is being played on Thursday, by two teams that were “professionally predicted” to lose there prospective games.

  11. Unfortunatly Arcani, my “Professional Predictions” are for the entire tournament. Although it would be nice to cast an opinion over every match that changes but the website would be full of useless titbits. Perhaps there may be a special features when the season closes with a complete review of the entire end season period. Feel free to cast a prediction on your own Network.

  12. was only asking for an official prediction bob, for the up n coming shield final, may not be as important as other things like the super bowl but still is an important piece of silver ware to a team you know.

  13. Prediction: Rats will smell, gobbos will fly and the dwarfs will try and bash.

    Dependent on inducements the underworld will win 2-1

      1. Lets bring honest, on the balance of play over the season, no-one could have predicted you’d win anything!

      2. Jo Jo you scored 8 TD in a season… nothing to shout about. You beat Underworld not a proper BB team. Next time you’re in town I’ll take you back to school and hit you again 3-0. Enjoy your victory it’s only the 4th one you’ve had all season.

          1. True, but those some have the good grace not to make clever comments at people who predicted that, after losing 4 or 5 games on the bounce, they might lose again!

        1. Considering that it took the Fellows 3 seasons to get 4 wins, then 4 wins and a cup in the first season is a fantastic achievement.

          Well Done!!

  14. Regardless, im delighted at how much attention the Shield attracted this year! Long may it continue

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