World Championship Super Bowl VI – Review and Preditction

The time has almost come for the final match of the season, and what a huge match we are going to witness. This years season featured a host of brand new teams and a completely new format shaking up the league once again during it’s six year history. The response has be positive from all teams and there have been some excellent match throughout which will be remembered for all time. The two key ones in my view were the two Conference finals featuring the Brimestone Flayers vs Wee Tree Fellows and Universal Horror vs the Drakwald Defilers. Both matches featured overtime in nail biting moments, delighting fans and throwing all bets out of the window. For those fans that couldn’t make the matches due to some unimportant issue (most likely their wives!) here’s a little recap on the two finals.

Brimestone Flayers vs Wee Tree Fellows


Brimstone Flayers VS We Tree Fellows
 Logo  Logo
5 Score 4
1 Casulties 0
4 Completions 2
0 Inteceptions 0
2,150,000gp Team Value 2,890,000gp
32,000 Fans 28,000
80,000 gp Winnings 20,000 gp
0 FF Change 0


The Brimestone Flayers have been the hot favourites from day one with fan and coach alike. But it came to a great shock when at half time the Flayers were 3-1 down to the Fellows, who has finally started to play to their team capability. In the eyes of the critics this was certainly an already won match for the Fellows who would lift their first piece of silverware after four seasons. But the Flayers were not going to give up, with the strength of Kaine they blew the Fellows away and pulled the game back 4-4 making the game head into overtime and the very dangerous golden touchdown. The Flayers were lucky to receive the ball and run in the winning touchdown causing the Fellows to leave the match once again without a Championship Cup. This Championship Cup is the Flayers second and they could very easily get their third after an amazing comeback like that.

Universal Horrors vs Drakwald Defilers


Universal Horrors VS Drakwald Defilers
 Logo  Logo
2 Score 1
3 Casulties 3
1 Completions 0
0 Inteceptions 0
1,520,000gp Team Value 1,650,000gp
28,000 Fans 22,000
11,000 gp Winnings 70,000 gp
1 FF Change -1


The match between these two was labelled as the slobberknocker of the season, with both teams eager to smash the other it was always going to be an exciting match full of carnage and perhaps dead (killed players that is!). The Defilers were named second favourites and have so far lived up to that expectation, the Horrors who are a new team this season have so far proved that even a rookie team can rise to the top. And to do so in their first season brings back memories of the Corsairs, RSV, The Slammers, Karak Smashers and the Loren Rangers, all whom have won a Championship Cup in their first season. The match was indeed a slog but the Horrors would not stay down for the Defilers, and soon the Horrors found themselves three players up over the Defilers and the possibility of causing a major shock. At full time the game was 1-1 and overtime again ensured for this match. Again whoever received first would indeed have the upper hand and this was the case yet again as the Horrors received and scored the winning touchdown winning their first Championship Cup and booking their place in the Super Bowl.

Closing Comments

The Super Bowl will be a very difficult match to predict given how both teams reached it. So I invite you, the fans, coaches and players, to make your predictions to this match. And perhaps you will certainly do a much better job than me.

So grab your popcorn, your hotdogs and foam gauntlets. Wear your colours with pride, raise your banners high. Buy your tickets and get comfortable. The World Super Bowl is coming next week, and it will melt your face away. A very fond good luck to both teams and here’s to creating history for the league once more!

– Bob Fortune


  1. Whilst you can never tell for certain what’s going to happen in a game of blood. Can a first year Necromantic side even beat a three year old Dark Elf side?
    I suppose it’s not impossible, Nicks Undead gave him a really tough time and only lost it by the narrowest of margins.

    Could this be Hack Enslash’s big debut?
    Could this be the first Championship cup to won by a non-dark elf team since 2008?

  2. The Horrors ran the Flayers close in the last game of the season 1-1 tie with Hack Enslash doing nothing (unfortunately).

    The final my prediction is a close game. Forseti knows his team well and their strengths. I and the Horrors players will be trying to get revenge on the only team this season who we have played and haven’t beaten!

  3. We really need to reiterate just how impressive beating Ben is, new team or no. Ben was the guy who beat the Loren Rangers 3-0 in 2008 final. With a brand new human team.


    The Loren Rangers.
    They only made 1 completion as well.

    That just doesn’t happen.
    And yet Ben managed that on his first year here. In fact Even if we include this season, Ben’s won HALF of all HDWSBBL championships EVER.
    And Addie beat him.

    So if nothing else, it’s going to be a cracking final.

    1. Thanks JoJo,

      I will try to do just as well in the final. I have to say though on another day the Defilers would have won that match. It was a really close one!

      Onto the Flayers!

    2. But JoJo let’s not forget about some other teams who won a Championship Cup in their first season. The Loren Rangers won the first league cup and then were beaten in the Championship final by RSV who went on to win it and their first. Karak Smashers won two Championship Cups in their first season and the Lustrian Snake Queens also won a Championship Cup in their first season. Needless to say it could go either way but let’s not rule out the Flayers who have already won two Championship Cups themselves and won one in their first season also.

      1. Speaking of the Flayers…. Forseti is bloody quiet!

        Where are you Flayer. Get your pointy slippers on and get in the conversation or are you too scared?

        What’s your opinion on the match tonight?

        1. Sorry Doc,

          Earlier today I managed to get round the Huntingdon ring-road without being stopped by a single red light, so with luck like that today you might as well just give me the cup!

          See you at the club.

          1. Well done Forseti, you were gracious in victory (though the wizard you bought was just poor form 😉 ). The score 3-0 you said flattered you but you dominated the game start to finish (including one throw a rock and a blitz!!! – DAMN YOU NUFFLE!)

            A great team of “light in the loafer” elves. They will be missed in the league I am sure.

            I will be back to have another crack at the superbowl!

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