Season 7 – Week 2 – More Hurt, More Blood!

As a rule, this season is turning out to be a really violent one. The number of deaths and injuries incurred each match so far has been staggering. Personally, I feel it boils down to the fact that unlike last year where the league was largely dominated by heavily armoured bashy teams, this season saw an influx of of nimble but fragile teams into the mix, with appropriate results.
The inclusion of bounties probably hasn’t helped either.
Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez
If were talking about mayhem, your first port of call should always be to the Gitz. Using their dizzying array of illegal weapons and techniques the Shiggles managed to not only go 1-0 up but also put three of the Heartbreakers in the injury box.
We don’t know what the Heartbreakers coach said to them in the half time, but when they came out, the ‘breakers had clearly decided enough was enough, and proceeded to start walloping the Goblins all over the place. They swiftly scoured the pitch of the green filfth, leaving only four of them left of the pitch.
The goblins still managed to score.
They couldn’t however once the Breakers managed to get them down to just two goblins and a troll, and the usual Elvish gittishness kicked in and the game ended 3-2 to the Breakers.
But the drama for this new Dark Elf team doesn’t stop there as recent injuries have put up and coming star Hodsi Bonestealer’s career with the team in jeopardy.
Tail Slammers vs Drakwald Defilers
It was the usual Slammer bull***t in the first half, with Arcani Spark revealing a new technique: Passing to yourself. There were claims that the maneouver was in fact a fumbled pass, but Spark remains resolute that he meant to do that.
Come half time however and somebody made the mistake of commenting on how nice it was to see a good clean game from the Defilers for a change.
They took it pretty personally.
A deluge of rat based injuries ensued, one of them very permanent indeed. For a second it appeared that the Defilers would be the first to pick up a bounty in the new season, but Arcani Spark survived and managed to limp his way to the dugout before the Defilers could catch him and finish the job.
At some point both sides score but who gives a toss?
Temper Bay Marauders vs Brimstone’s Shadows
The Shadows apparently woke up in this game and realised they were elves, as a result the Marauders found themselves facing a deluge of passing plays and scored three touchdowns in the first half against a very sleepy Orc defence. The Marauders woke up a bit in the second half and pulled back a touchdown but it was far too late for anything to become of it. The match ended 3-1 in the Shadows favour.
Sect of Temptation vs Blackburners
Early on, the Sect Manager recognised that the best way for his team to survive was to avoid contact with the Chaos Dwarf blockers, and made every effort to stay out of reach of the stunty psychopaths.
The problem with this plan was that by some cruel twist of fate, the Sect had found themselves trapped in a blood bowl pitch for 16 turns with a load of the buggers.
Horrendous violence ensued in this terrible mismatch for the Sect, resulting in the loss of a Blitzer and Lineswoman, and one can only fear for this teams future.
Oh, and I guess a couple of people found the time to score, to make it a one all draw too.
Nordenringen Titans vs Finbar United
Both teams had lost their opening match in the league and were looking to improve upon this and bag their first points. The game was a messy affair with ten casualties in total! But surprisingly not a single injury was serious and all players recovered to play in their next match. They must of been sipping that Bugman’s XXXXXX again! During the maiming both teams managed to scored two touchdowns a-piece gaining a much needed point for both team. It will be interesting to see how these two teams fair in their next round of matches and see if the same luck goes their way.
The Asgard Marauders vs Barak Varr Rebels
Both rookies faired well in their previous match, but the Rebels were placed as favourites in this match by the bookies. So it is no surprise that they indeed went on and won the match in the end. There wasn’t a great deal of action in this match (considering most of the dwarves were drunk to start off with!) but a death on the Marauders side soon cheered the fans up. 1-0 to the Rebels.
The Nexus Sykes vs Atrocity Exhibition
Atrocity really went to town in this match, completely annihilating and humiliating his opponent the very green, Nexus Sykes. This match featured the highest scoreline this season and with two braces of casualties  Atrocity were sitting happy at the expense of the Sykes. You really have to watch the highlights of this match on Sly Sports as there is really far too much to comment on to fit into a small brief review!
Talos Tobacconists vs Nachthaften Nightlords
The highly acclaimed Tobacconists, took on the first vampire team in the league, the Nightlords, in what should of been a routine win for them. But the Nightlords had something very different to say about that. You can still hear the ringing shouts of the fans as the Vampires stormed to a 2-1 victory and their first in the HDWSBBL. “Vamps Win! Vamps Win!” will certainly take a while to forget about.
And that concludes this weeks round up. Stay tuned for more action here at the HDWSBBL when it happens (And you know it will!).

Quick Summary of Week 2

  • 2 games in NWC North – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in NWC South – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in OWC East – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in OWC West – World Series 2512/13
  • 26 Touchdowns scored
  • 36 Casualties caused (6 resulted in Death)
  • 18 Completions made
  • 28,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 2

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

League Standings for the World Series 2512/13 (Week 2)

Player Statistics for the World Series 2512/13 (Week 2)

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