Season 7 – Week 3 – Shake, Rattle and Blood Bowl!


As the third (and this) week of games rolled around local apothecaries cheered as yet more high paid work came their way.

Tailslammers Vs Sect of Temptation

Despite a sound thrashing by the Burners in the last round, the Sect managed to pull themselves back up and gave the dirty rats a sound thrashing. Numerous injuries and KO’s littered the Slammers dugout and although the Slammers still managed to burgle a 3-2 win from behind this was still an excellent performance from Temptation, and they should not despair if this is the sort of performance they can pull off with journeywomen in their ranks.

Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Nordenringen Titans
It was a disgustingly clean game, with next to no casualties or injuries until well near the end of the game. It was a total disgrace and numerous fans are no doubt already writing letters of complaint to the league commissioners about the level of fair play they saw in this game. The Dark Elves won. Obviously. They’re elves. It’s what they do.
Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez vs Finbar United
FU continue to have a seasons of ups and downs, and the Gitz continue to have a season that’s going in directions not known to science. FU could not handle the sneaky goblins dizzying array of illegal weaponry and after taking heavy losses found themselves unable to stop the Goblins from scoring a comfortable win.
Barak Varr Rebels vs Atrocity Exhibition
A hard game played by a pair of hard teams, these two imposing sides, one side a well known old hand, the other a new one but already with a good reputation. The two tried to grind each other down but both sides doughty toughness proved impressive and neither one refused to blink. Atrocity managed to gain the goal advantage however and in the late game all pretence was abandoned. The entire proceedings dissolved into an open brawl! The ball was ignored! Players stripped down to the waist and fought bare-chested to the sound of roaring fans tearing into their opposing number! The death toll was catastrophic and corpses are still being discovered in the local area today.
The Asgard Marauders vs The Nexus Sykes
It’s a knock-out! An almost record breaking number of players were knocked out in this game, which was comfortably won by the Azzies. Sadly this will be the last game in the league that the Sykes will play as further civil war has broken out again within their homeland, and they all found themselves being served draft notices.
Meanwhile, my postie is out and out refusing to deliver my mail unless I muzzle Ezra Wheedon. Bloody dog.
Blackburners vs Drakwald Defilers
In a surprise upset, the Burners managed to actually score an away win against the Defilers. On paper the Defilers seemed to have the tools to negate all of the Burners advantages, in the form of three Chaos Warriors with long claws and mighty sinews to peel Dwarves out of their armour. In a surprise showing of tactics, the Burners decided to focus their strength against these three and were able to take two of them out by half time. In one incident Burners star Tantor managed to near kill a warrior, only to do it again when the Defilers Apothecary managed to get him back on his feet. By pressuring the Defilers, the Burners managed to get them to score early in the first half, and a lucky* riot resulted in the clock getting put back, giving the Burners enough time to show the Defilers the passing game which they’d been slowly cultivating and equalise in the first half. In the second half they managed to score a second time and secure their first victory of the season. Special mention has to go to Bogoff the Hobgoblin. Seriously, watch out for him, he’s a wrong’un, he’ll do for you.
*rumours that the riot was started by me hurling fireballs into the crowd are completely unsubstantiated. They were grenades.
Temper Bay Marauders vs Talos Tobacconists
Like the game between Atrocity and the Rebels, this too was a hard game with few casualties. Unlike that game however, the Tobacconists after being behind for a long time, were able to grind back a draw. One point well earned for the Tobacconists there.
Brimstone’s Shadows vs Nachthaften Nightlords
Both teams went into this game with a win in their previous match so it was all to play for. After much fumbling, blood drinking and mishaps the match ended in a disappointing one all draw. Something the Vampires gladly took away with them was one of the Shadows cheerleaders, reports are still unconfirmed but it appears that Lady Elizabet was behind it. Someone really had upset her to take it out on a helpless cheerleader…
And that wraps this weeks summary up. Check out the Team News Network for more news and updates as soon as it happens.

Quick Summary of Week 3

  • 2 games in NWC North – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in NWC South – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in OWC East – World Series 2512/13
  • 2 games in OWC West – World Series 2512/13
  • 23 Touchdowns scored
  • 27 Casualties caused (2 resulted in Death)
  • 17 Completions made
  • 1 Interception made
  • 29,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 3

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

League Standings for the World Series 2512/13 (Week 3)

Player Statistics for the World Series 2512/13 (Week 3)

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