Season 7 – Week 8 – Almost there!

Finbar United vs Defilers

The “Big D” are well and truly out of their funk, as FU found to their considerable cost. The game saw a return of the Defiler Savagery that made them such fan favourites last season. With this win they begin their assault on the Slammers towering points lead. But catching them will be as much down to the Slammers getting poor results as the Defilers playing well.

Nachthaften Nightlords vs Atrocity Exhibition

Until this point Atrocity have been absolutely untouchable. If you had told me at the start of this season that the team to finally end Atrocity Exhibitions winning streak was a Vampire team, I’d have thought you a complete lunatic.Nevertheless, here we are, with the Vampires LEADING against Atrocity for almost all of the game, only in the last few turns were Atrocity even able to equalise!
If there’s one thing we’ve noticed this season, it’s the teams that perhaps are considered less competitive than the rest are proving to be some of the most successful this year.

Sect vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers

Another glorious surprise draw for the Sect. Only last week I was discussing just how well the Breakers were coming along, and perhaps this then is a great indicator of the scale of the revival that Sect are experiencing.
I am reminded of another team that started poorly. For seasons it was the joke of the league, then they started to get draws. One here, one there. Then they started winning. Then they started getting Silverware. This team I speak of? The Slammers. Who, last time I looked, are storming to the top of their division, well ahead of even the Defilers.

Deddmen vs Talos Tobacconists

What can I say? The Deddmen still can’t get themselves a break, and the Baccies score themselves another win. This is a team that is definitely going places this season, and their progress in the post season is going to be highly entertaining to watch.

Titans vs Slammers

A rare good showing from the Titans saw them level with the Slammers, who as we’ve mentioned, have been having an runaway season. It just goes to show that you truly can’t ever predict what the Slammers are going to do next.
Mostly because the Slammers themselves have no idea what they’re doing at any point in time either.

Asgard Marauders vs Temper Bay Marauders

Two flavours of Marauders faced off against each other, but what should have been a brutal game with plenty of injuries fizzled out instead. The two teams simply bashed on each other half-heartedly all game. Rumours later began circulating that the two teams had gone on a pre-game bender together reminiscent of the Beaumont Blitzer Benders of league legends, and that they were horrendously hung over as a result.
The commissioners are looking at the possibility of docking their pay for their poor performance, whilst the Mads are looking at the possibility of putting a horses head in the Commissioners beds if they continue with that line of thinking.

Blackburners vs Gitz & Shiggles

After two losses, the Burners were looking for a chance to their mojo back. They probably weren’t expecting that up against surprise success story of the league: Gitz & Shiggles. Nevertheless, they hunkered down and squared off against a team that was almost 50% comprised of illegal weapons and somehow, they came out on top.
The Burners were on unprecedented form this game, and handed a shoeing to the goblins the likes of which they have never received so far.
It didn’t go all the Burners way however, up against multiple fanatics and chainsaws they couldn’t help but take injuries and they found themselves missing their Minotaur for their upcoming game against Finbar United.

Quick Summary of Week 8

  • 8 games in Cross Division – World Series 2512/13
  • 20 Touchdowns scored
  • 27 Casualties caused (3 resulted in Death)
  • 23 Completions made
  • 37,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 8

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

13.12.12 Brimstone’s Shadows vs Barak Varr Rebels 2 – 2 (0 – 4) 28,000
13.12.12 Blackburners vs Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez 2 – 0 (3 – 2) 28,000
13.12.12 Sect of Temptation vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers 1 – 2 (1 – 2) 25,000
13.12.12 Tail Slammers vs Nordenringen Titans 1 – 1 (1 – 1) 19,000
13.12.12 Temper Bay Marauders vs The Asgard Marauders 0 – 1 (1 – 0) 20,000
13.12.12 Nachthaften Nightlords vs Atrocity Exhibition 2 – 2 (0 – 4) 37,000
13.12.12 Drakwald Defilers vs Finbar United 2 – 0 (3 – 0) 22,000
13.12.12 The Nexus Sykes vs Talos Tobacconists 0 – 2 (0 – 5) 24,000

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  1. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a week update but it’s good to see them again. Keep up the good work!

    The Doc

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